My Links

The sites that I want to link to on this one just continues to grow as I explore the WoW universe, so instead of fighting my retentive tendencies for neatness on the frontpage I decided to dedicate an entire page to them.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to categorize some blogs because of a wide variety of content, but if something dealt more with a certain subject than another that’s likely why they are listed where they are.


Arena Informant
Arena Junkies

Arena Pwnage
Blood Sport
Cynwise Battlefield Manual
Official Forums
SK Gaming
Skill Capped
World of Ming


Elitist Jerks


Gray Matter
Jaded Alt
Psynister’s Notebook
Righteous Orbs
The Wayward Initiative
Tobold’s MMORPG Blog
Troll Racials are Overpowered
Variant Avatar
World of Matticus


Greedy Goblin
The Undermine Journal
Warcraft Econ


HoTs and DoTs

Death Knight
Consider This…
Skeleton Jack

Tastes Like Battle Chicken

Armaggedon’s Coming!
Frost is the New Black

Blessing of Kings
Caer Morrighan

Disciplinary Action
Pugnacious Priest
Tales of a Priest

Slice and Dice
The Noisy Rogue

The ‘mental Shaman

Killing ’em Slowly



Armory Data Mining
WoW Popular


Error and Crash Info


GU Comics
The Banhammer


2 Responses to “My Links”

  1. Dear “Vikt”

    Thanks for a brilliant website – you inspire me to believe in my Death Knight’s future in rated BG’s. With all the whining about how underpowered DK’s are against Casters, I was beginning to think of rerolling. But I love my DK, and enjoy PvP – didn’t really want to leave the class.

    Thanks for an excellent blog. I’ll keep reading it.

    Dale (Alcathos)

  2. I enjoy doing it. Never again will I look back at way too much time spent online without a single physical memory of it.

    I joined the #1 PvP guild on Bleeding Hollow yesterday, ran premades all night. I’ll post the results this evening and hopefully they help to show promise for our class as well.

    Thanks for reading ~

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