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Road to 2200

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags , , on March 21, 2011 by Vikt

After about a month and a half of rated battlegrounds my crew has produced three 2200 ratings, with me being the most recent. A quick tale of Murphy’s Law taking over when I got close…

So ya, 2191 rating and completely dusting everyone as I rose from 2140 to the above mark. With a 3-0 record on the night and 9 more points needed, we queue into Gilneas and the above screenshot tells it all…Reckful again. Now for those all claiming that grinding long enough gets you to 2200, it is partially true but it’s very, very frustrating. Once you reach a certain point you begin losing rating, starting a vicious cycle of higher level players not wanting to play with newer ones because of the ratings loss they endure while those same newer players gain 91 points for a win and you lose 12 points for a loss.

Anyway (off my soapbox), running into a team like this is the epitome of what rateds should be from formidable players. Reckful is sitting around 250-50 W/L record in rateds and there is a good reason – they play with the same players and are a very, very good. Our healers would get burst at the initial waterworks fight until they hit a defensive cooldown, at which the entire offense would instantly be on another target. As soon as the defensive CD was over, the offense jumped right back on them – let’s just say there’s a reason they’re sitting on ratings like that. Having your ass handed to you like that from time to time is nice if you’re paying attention to things they do and try to emulate them.

Draxo and I did double team Reckful somewhere in the midst of mindless waves attacking various targets. I mean ya, whoopee shit amirite? Oh well, least we did something in the match.

Anyway, quick warning for those who may have kids around – the next image contains content unsuitable for people who hate FAIL:

Yes, we played to a 0-0 stalemate in Twin Peaks. I mean, 9 points to go and after drawing the previous game and surviving without a ratings loss we run into a decent rated squad and never manage to drop either flag carrier after 20 minutes. Full debuffs and everything – just no deaths. The Alliance sent Bajheera (Warrior), Skeetzlol (Rogue) and Macabra (Spriest) on offense – rest were on defense. Ya, 7 man defensive team with a protection warrior (Platefobrain), a warlock for fear bombs, a mage for CC and 4 freaking healers. Talk about insufferable…

I mean, it’s our own fault in a way – we didn’t send our defensive mage into the fight until the very end, and we actually killed the warrior as time expired but obviously couldn’t return the flag. I didn’t know the end result would be raid-wide ratings loss, but if you’re reading don’t make the same mistake we did.

But in the end the good guys prevailed (I actually think it was a few nights later as well) and I was able to get my rating after 3-0’ing this crappy Eredar team. I look sweet in the my new digs, and in case you were wondering – Yes, you have to trade in all of your gear and re-enchant, re-gem and re-reforge everything the way you had it before. Same goes for the weapon.

Just wanted to throw a few screens up and relay the information that I’m running around with a 372-weapon and I know how to use it. I’ll post some screens up of the carnage expressed thru random bg’s here fairly soon.


The Time I Won Wintergrasp

Posted in World PvP with tags on September 27, 2010 by Vikt

I play in Wintergrasp a lot, and so much so that I achieved Veteran status in the zone 7 months ago. Well, being one of the best places to bank honor beyond your 75k cap I still queue for it whenever it is up. This past weekend while gearing up my warrior, I bought Wintergrasp commendations on Vikt to supply his PvP set that saw me turn in 1900 Stone Keeper Shards and 485 Marks of Honor. Ya, I participate in it a lot.

Well, never have I done what I accomplished today on my lunch break. As I noted on my Twitter account (@Viktdk), I ran home to re-list some auctions and a few Coren Direbrew instances. When I logged in I was faced with a 5-minute timer for an offensive Wintergrasp, so after queuing up and getting in I ran up to begin taking out the turrets as soon as possible.

Even 5 minutes into the raid, the Horde had just over 20 people in the total raid and the Alliance did not have Tenacity so it was apparently even-matched. I added my typical Death Knight-ranged damage assault (spamming Icy Touch & Death Coil…it isn’t much) and eventually just kind of stood in the distance wondering when someone was going to try and do something. I mean, I can’t do ranged damage on the casters and my rank was only Catapult-worthy, so I sat like a bump on a log for a while.

When I did finally achieve First Lieutenant (at 12 kills no less…seriously, dead instance this time around) I ran to the West Vehicle Park while the rest of the raid fought for the East, because on Bleeding Hollow it is somehow written in stone that the winning assault has to come from that particular base. Well, the shouting matches broke out, we lost bases, the “LOL WE LOSE” /shouts started coming but there was one person who had the presence of mind to take things upon himself to win.

(In case you missed it that’s me blowing smoke up my own ass)

(Oh and yoga ftw…)

Racing (well, as fast as a siege engine goes) north along the west side of the fortress I lined up away from the NPC guards and began pounding away with no gunner:

Where’s everyone at? I mean, you can hear a wall being hit, and when one gets damaged you get a message across your screen. Oh well, one down, let’s just skate around the Vehicle Depot and hit the inner wall:

Anyone home? I just took down the inner wall. SURELY someone is going to come up and notice me knock, knock-knocking on the relic door…

Nope! In fact, no one on the Horde side even knew I was in the courtyard. As I pounded on the door at a single-siege damage pace, eventually the other side of the door was caved in and the rest of the battleground made it just in time to see me knock the door down and capture the relic. I really had no idea there was actually a clicky to capture it, apparently I haven’t done that as many times as I thought.

So ya, I won Wintergrasp by my lonesome. Detailed pics of the assault path:

First Week Back

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags , , , , on September 5, 2010 by Vikt

After being on vacation for 10 days I was admittedly more interested in playing World of Warcraft than I was blogging about it, but after a week of battlegrounds and a little pre-expansion questing I need to dump some screenshots.

My first battleground back completely illustrated a post I read on Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual ironically during said vacation, entitled “The Battleground Scoreboard” that talks about all that is wrong in the way that battlegrounds are scored. This could not be more true if you analyze the lopsided Horde domination in all aspects of PvP, however still losing to an organized Alliance team. The Alliance had 2 feral druids and a rogue that capped bases behind us, an elemental shaman and a boomkin that blew us off the ledge at the lumber mill – just all the elements of a successful Arathi Basin team minus geared Gladiators.

Also, I posted recently about a badass hunter being your best friend in a battleground, and in that you had Draxiel from Skullcrusher just pouring damage into the Alliance. Again, we lost, so all for naught.

Again with the hunters, this time being Bohan from Shattered Hand (in complete PvE gear) and Hektor from Magtheridon. These hunters lit everything up so effectively that I somehow was never the target of a group and that my defensive cooldowns were enough to keep me alive most of the time, which is plus considering I’m always at the front of the battle. Four more damn kills and I would’ve got my wrecking ball achievement…shit.

This is of course the anti-first picture, where we dominated all the stats and still won. I would assume that Strand of the Ancients is much more conducive to one of these types of results than Arathi Basin is, because if you lose out in the mass PvP in and around the demolishers you pretty much don’t fair very well. The reason this battleground is shown is because I inherited (stole, whatever) my new saying when I capture the relic in SotA or Wintergrasp…except I spell it right.

You know how every portfolio, resume or whatever has that one item in it that supposedly shows versatility? Ya, this is me claiming I can do more than bash heads in Eye of the Storm. You’ll note in the bottom of my UI that I go to the extent of keeping Swiftness Potions in my inventory, as well as alternate between Unholy (run speed) and Frost (tank) presences in order to be an effective flag carrier. If you’re losing a lot of battlegrounds and not taking similar steps, try re-evaluating your approach (quit being a tightass!).

This is the obligatory “we defended Wintergrasp and I kicked ass in it” screenshot that pretty much makes every screenshot-dump post that I do. To judge your own personal asskickings, download the WinterTime addon from Curse which will not only tell you when Wintergrasp starts, but how many kills and honor you earn while inside of it. It also comes with extra achievements which in no way count towards your total, but it still kind of rocks when you earn things like “Won Wintergrasp wearing no pants”.

Of note there is no achievement for that, but you get the idea.

Such a questing whore, told you I was trying to tie up some loose ends before Cataclysm.

While you can’t tell in this picture, I finally decided that I could tank bosses at the end of battlegrounds. While I am certainly not ready to tank Alterac Valley and all the tower guards yet, I decided that I’ve watched enough people sit around long enough when the waiting party was sufficient to take down the end boss. You know the routine, 15 people standing outside the boss in AV or Isle of Conquest and everyone looks at each other with their dicks in their hands? Ya, I’ve started going frosty and charging bosses – pretty good results so far.

While this final battleground doesn’t look like much, we were actually even around 350 with the Alliance beginning to take the upper hand. I ran down towards the Gold Mine and helped a warrior and a druid take out 2 Alliance as well as the respawn, and immediately after the battle a warrior named Gormic from Mannoroth stepped up, inspected me and said let’s roll together. We capped the mine, he hopped on the Death Mammoth along with Mandazar and ripped the blacksmith from 4, the lumber mill from about the same and then went Operation: Dumbo Drop back to the blacksmith in route to a 5-cap. It was perhaps one of the most dominant runs against superior numbers I’ve had without a healer…it was ugly for the Alliance.

Decent Saturday

Posted in Miscellaneous, World PvP with tags , on May 23, 2010 by Vikt

The day started out with a message from WinterTime telling me that a defensive Wintergrasp was 15 minutes away, and while I may skip this occasionally I decided to just queue it up and start running dailies. Well, I really don’t need to say anything else as the picture says it quite fine on its own.

In fact, if you were ever curious about the Horde/Alliance distribution on the Bleeding Hollow (PVP) server, well…this next screenshot won’t exactly change that fact. However, it will give you an indication on who controls it. And since I started down that path, I will tell you that I rarely have tenacity in Wintergrasp, and if I do it’s at a really odd time and always on defense. Our assaults nearly always consist of 3 full raids.

That book is in the Titan Relic room btw.

Now it can’t be a great Saturday because I have to say I got my ass handed to me. Now see, the way it boiled down was that I was questing in Grizzly Hills because when I get a little extra time I like to bang out quests in between queues, and when I was doing this one on the east coast where you have to kill 4 dwarves for an Overlord to appear – well, a warrior named Celebv charged in as I was landing. I mean, imagine me, Vikt, a.k.a. “Slayer of Humanity”, a.k.a. “Sultan of Slaughter” – you know, retired more people than social security – has a level 76 warrior jump in and take my mobs?

Child please.

I 3-shotted that girl and killed the rest, and when she rezzed right on top of her body my pet jumped her and she died again. Well, to make a long story even longer, I was doing a quest out in the water where I net Northern Salmon, and 2 flying mounts land and a hunter just starts shooting me. On top of that, the gnat of a warrior was hitting me as I attempted to catch the hunter in water and I died fairly quickly. Now, pissed, I went out looking for the hunter wanting to kick its ass. Well…I was wrong.

I found them eventually and landed, and even though it was 2 on 1 I thought I’d win. Ya…I didn’t. After collecting my dignity once more I went to the Armory to see what I was going up against, and let’s just say that I wasn’t going to kill this particular hunter named Keeneye if s(him) was AFK.

Oh but to end the night I did zone back into Orgrimmar as the Local Defense channel was going apeshit, and when I made my way back to Thrall’s room the Alliance was already fully involved in fighting him. You know the drill, kill the healers, AE diseases around the room and throw DnD’s where the most people sit, and in this defense I think we ended with more Horde than there were Alliance attempting it.

For comedic relief check out Nineightfive trash-talking. Here you have a level 80 death knight just picking up his “100 Honorable Kills” achievement – talking smack to the overpowered Alliance. I know it made me laugh looking back through the screens.

Glacial Falls Ganking

Posted in World PvP with tags on April 28, 2010 by Vikt

If there was an award given to the easiest place to score an honorable kill, I find it hard to imagine a better place than here. Other than being a hotly contested zone for herbalists and miners, all the elements that are included in a Fish Feast can be scored from here as well. Being that I profit a bit from selling these (due to the small amount of time I spend there), clearing the waterways is a daily routine.

Now regardless of the objectives that my cooking, fishing or jewelcrafting dailies give me, all of them pass a short distance away from the east side of Wintergrasp at some point. Now to put perspective on this, here you have an Alliance member out in the open, main weapon equipped being a fishing pole and virtually no self-buffs. I, on the other hand, land just a short distance away to apply bone shield and horn of winter to then swoop down to 4-shot casters or watch a paladin bubble-hearth. I mean, put yourself in that situation – you stare at a bobber for a while and before you can gather yourself you’re completely diseased and have been hit 3 times by a sword before you can hit your equipment macro if you even have one outside of the character pane.

It’s the equivalent of using a giant bazooka to take candy from a baby.

But occasionally something happens that just makes me stop to re-examine the thought process of some people. I was bored due to the lack of playing lately and nobody was at Glacial Falls for a change, so I camped right smack in full view of passerby’s in hopes of getting attacked, but instead a 23k hp’d Death Knight named Craon lands in the middle of the lake and begins fishing.

Now I’ve attracted a bit of a PvP audience on the site but realize that a lot of people not necessarily into it still frequent here, and I thank you for that. But many of you just said to yourself, “They’re just finishing a daily, dick”. Again, this is where my creed of “Red = Dead” comes into play, but even that aside – aren’t my gladiator spikes supposed to be scaring people away from trying that kind of stuff? I rock a 5700 Gearscore in pure PvP gear and top out over 32k hps – you’d think you may land slightly out of my line of sight?

So I guess to offer something worthwhile to the conversation other than an easy place to score kills, I typically do my fishing under one of the bridges when in Wintergrasp. I stated before that I will often fish next to Lieutenant Murp for the added NPC protection, but most bridges provide a small bit of land under them that you can stand on (or just Path of Frost). This way no miners or early arriving WG combatants can tee up on you for target practice prior to the battle starting.

I’m Back

Posted in Battlegrounds, Strategy, World PvP with tags , , , on April 19, 2010 by Vikt

I can’t exactly say why I feel my post deserves theme music today, but after titling it I sang it the whole time I was uploading pictures. For that reason, hit play on the video and then remember to hold down shift when you click the pics so you don’t leave the site.

While I enjoy stroking my e-peen to the idea of being high in most categories, it’s not necessarily something I overly care about. That said, I hate it when I run into a DK who’s better than I am. After checking the armory of Duelist Tems from Arthas, I don’t feel all that bad anymore. For those of you scoring at home, he uses a PvP spec virtually identical to mine – so if you follow my specs then know there’s a ringing endorsement. In fact, Thejdawg (Balance Druid) and Essienlol (Spriest in this one) are nice templates for those PvP classes as well.

This one isn’t like a major feat or anything, but this was a battleground where a member of my crew came along and played well. Gimmedahealz, otherwise known as the worst-named restoration druid playing WoW today kept me and a relatively newly 80’d-geared Dreyjin alive well enough to 3-0 a Warsong Gulch.

Same group, just had to fight quite a bit for this win. We were down close to 700-250 at the start, as the Alliance took their 2 nodes as well as Fel Reaver off the start. The tide changed when the 3 of us went to Draenai Ruins and held off 5 of them during a 5+ minute battle, but that increased attention before several more showed up allowed us a few flag caps as well as the opportunity to take back the Blood Elf Tower. The screen doesn’t do this win much justice, but this is a classic case of where noobie battleground participants can’t pass up an uneven fight, and seeing 3 of us was just too much to keep them all away. When we died it was honestly 8 on 3 with most of them on their 2nd and 3rd spawn.

Oh no I didn’t win both SotA’s I got into this weekend did I? Believe it or not, the BG I loathe the most has me sitting undefeated in it since the random battleground change. In this fight the Alliance managed to break into our courtyard with 4 minutes to go, however did the unspeakable and capped the final graveyard. Since I never wax poetic about this horrid BG (but actually fun I’ve found with competent players), DO NOT EVER CAP THE FINAL GY. What happens is you allow the enemy to spawn right next to the relic, and unless you are dominating in the individual matchups you’ve just capped yourself into a stalemate. Also, you know how much of a sucker I am for a well-played warlock, and as you can see Fadedness of Lothar is pretty badass.

This is just an example of the beauty of a pocket priest, as Chiarore of Bloodhoof jumped on board my war mammoth and followed me as I capped a couple of flags. The opposition was pretty good, but simply the 2 of us running in and out of the flag room was more coordination then the alliance had as they battled the other 8 Horde who insisted on gaining control of the middle. Of note, no stat exists on the board there that mentions how well anyone did fighting in the middle, but if you check the honor of the priest and I you’d think people would learn something.

The last one here was a defense of Wintergrasp last night, which was the only thing I did other than list 120 gems on the Auction House to make up for lost time. I managed not to die in this one, did half a million in damage and got credit for 171 honorable kills. Not my best, but certainly one of my better showings. What happened in this one is the Alliance got pigeon-holed into one area, and then continually ran back into the same hole in the wall where the entire Horde was sitting and waiting for them. We owned every workshop, had 20+ demolishers focused on the breach and just farmed people for the better part of 15 minutes. A word of advice, poking a hole ANYWHERE else in the fortress would’ve allowed a win, as 2 holes is simply too much for the average WG defense PuG to defend.


Posted in Arena, Battlegrounds, World PvP with tags , on March 1, 2010 by Vikt

I zoned into Wintergrasp early when a defensive queue opened up, and with whatever amount of time exists before the start I typically fly around and grab whatever mining nodes that I can. During my round on Saturday I see a green name plate (hunter) on top of the waterfall on the eastern side, to which I instantly land, root and inevitably render him as Glacial Salmon food.

(I’ve always seen Glacial Salmon as top of the food chain in WG).

This is every day for me. Every moment I’m online, without discretion, if I see red it becomes dead – it is even my guild’s motto, and the primary reason as to why I selected Bleeding Hollow. Even one-shotting lower levels that choose to run along the beaten path as I travel around collecting Elder achievements is something I absolutely will do, and should I choose to take a lower level into contested territory I assume the same would happen to me.

Now for the reasoning of this post – Letters From Birdfall was linked on if you followed a link in my “Old Crafty” post concerning battleground marks. In this article, the author attempts to distinguish that an actual person plays behind the avatar and in general expresses disdain for “gankers”, and then in a few more words essentially condemns grief. Now I don’t question the relative disdain that she has for PvP despite being on a PvP server (and she makes no beef about moving if her guild could), but what I find interesting in conjunction with the post are the comments. Some encourage her to move to Soandso server where ganking is not the normal, others say how it ruined their experience and so forth. In her post she even makes several references to how the worst amongst them ruin other player’s experiences.

See, here’s where I become the dick. I live for that stuff. I level my character in a sense of danger, and I even commended the first time I got my ass handed to me repeatedly by an Alliance character. I respect people wanting a fair fight as well as people who see the other side of characters and having no reason to dislike them, however my view of this whole Alliance vs. Horde battle in-game is just that – I kill Alliance characters regardless of their situation and I expect the same. I’m not one to argue “that’s what the game/server is intended for” as I have expressed my disdain for Thrall’s direction in alliances, but again my view of this is red = dead, and without the excitement provided to me by that feature I doubt I would play WoW to begin with.

As a result, everything I do in-game is accompanied by some sort of precaution. When I do my fishing daily in Wintergrasp, I stand directly beside Lieutenant Murp with a pet out, and should you attack me with a fishing pole you have those 2 to contend with while I get my sword out (it’s the one that says “Bad Motherfucker” on it)*. If I am farming a jewelcrafting daily I sweep the area first to eliminate threats (which could be argued to create them more so), if I sit afk I do so in a hidden or heavily guarded area, and if I receive a queue for a bg or daily while in an unsafe area I instantly go airborne before accepting that queue. I do realize that I am going to die, but I don’t like to and I always take precautions in order to not.

If you like fair battles (to an extent) form an arena team, and if you like even battles join a battleground – both of these options exist for the PvP and PvE-minded people regardless of your server setup. Now not at Birdfall as I basically said I respect her opinion, but what exactly are we supposed to do on a PvP server that contains absolutely no reason to engage in World PvP? In Everquest we fought for zones and dungeons, in Dark Age of Camelot and Shadowbane we fought for territory, and in WoW we fight for…nothing. Fun? Well, I do. And here’s to hoping Cataclysm offers me more incentive to do so than that.

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