Vikt in Everquest

I was searching through some old picture files this morning and ran across a folder of images from my Everquest days and just had to share this one. In the bottom/middle of the screen is yours truly, “Ciliz Scalebladez”, a level 60 Iksar Shadowknight clad in my overpowered Fungi Tunic and Temple of Veeshan lance.

The reason I needed to share this is for the funny comment made by Natiuri. In one of the expansions added on to Everquest characters at max level could begin acquiring additional abilities, sort of like leveling without leveling if you will. After 20+ of these additional talents Wizards in the game (think Mages in WoW) received the ability to Manaburn, which was essentially an hour cooldown spell that insta-killed a target. The Wizard would see the “darkie” (our server was a 4-team war that saw 3 teams unite against the “evil” team, or “darkies”), cast Manaburn for the insta-gib and then Gate (think hearthstone) back into a non-PvP zone – much like sanctuary cities in WoW.

On our PvP server, my guild “Torrent” was notorious for killing everyone and everything, and until this ability was added into the game many wizards in EQ did not see PvP until receiving it. Players unable to process consecutive thoughts in-game prior went out searching for PvP, only to exhibit their 1-spell talents, gate, and then alt-F4 to the message board to talk shit about other players while they waited on the cooldown.

Long story made slightly longer, a Torrent group out disturbing the dragon-slaying funseekers gated back to this universal hub in order to move onto another location. Upon entry we found 6, SIX wizards sitting in close proximity to where they enter the zone via Gate – thus prompting Natiuri’s smartass comment regarding their PvP prowess.


5 Responses to “Vikt in Everquest”

  1. Holy shit … Neyfear is up top in the center too.


  2. Good times weren’t they? We had a helluva gank squad rolling in there as well.

  3. GW PvP…

    […]Vikt in Everquest « …of the Horde[…]…

  4. heheh….I my MB was on cooldown from our trakannon kill and 100K loot. I do remember the best of the best battles in the arena and the last 10 had to be on the 40×40 foot platform or forfeit. I ended up in the last 3 standing by run casting all my spells for 3 minutes lol…oh the good memories. I have the screenshot congratulating our race team win somehwere..anyone have that ? I run cast my 14 sec shield 4x that fight..and remember being amazed Trix didn’t get the kill on me while stuck on the platform before I dropped him with a cheap MR spell…Good times fellas – thanks for the memories

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