About Vikt


“…of the Horde” follows the pursuit of Vikt, an Orc Death Knight on the US-Bleeding Hollow server in his quest to cumulate 100,000 career honorable kills.

Now, it’s not necessarily the kills that drives the heart of this blog, because if it was I wouldn’t do anything but instanced battlegrounds – and who really wants to read the same story every day covering one of five battlegrounds?  What this really aims to be is a journal, one that I can look back on at some point and have a faint recollection of my time spent in the World of Warcraft.  The title and achievement that I work towards is an attainable goal for a fairly casual player such as myself, but obviously one not that will be met any time soon.

What follows this post are points of view reflected from myself, a die-hard PvP nut that began in MMO’s in the year 2000.  I played an Iksar Shadowknight on the Vallon Zek (PvP) server in Everquest, and played him for four years except for a brief venture into Shadowbane at one point. My beginning into the World of Warcraft occurred when the guild I ran in EQ transferred during the beta.  Our guild, “The Twelve Prophets” would go on to be amongst the first to clear Molten Core on a PvP realm (Mannoroth) and we recorded the first (il)legitimate kill of King Magni Bronzebeard by pulling him without his guards into the tunnel below his throne. What followed that feat was a week of unheralded forum chatter and about the last thing we became known for before our guild self-imploded due to the rigid raiding regiment we maintained.  Following the breakup of our guild, I ended my affair with MMO’s for what I thought was seemingly forever.

A regret I have always maintained was that I do not possess any evidence to anything I had ever done in a video game that I logged so much time into.  Our guild in Everquest was responsible for the re-birth of competitive PvP on our server, and our website garnered nearly a thousand hits a day where I served as the mouth of the guild by goading the rest of the server with screenshots of their dead characters as we stomped from zone to zone, slaughtering raid parties with battles consisting of over (at times) 150 people.  Our mission was shared in our introduction to World of Warcraft as well, however the lack of PvP objectives saw us move to a more PvE setup to which never fully worked into what I and many others enjoyed to do.  With this inlies the breakup of The Twelve Prophets and the death of my aspirations to be a competitive, progression-bent MMO aficionado.

Three years later a member of that guild sent me a scroll of resurrection to come back and try a Death Knight, a new hero class implemented in the Wrath of Lich King expansion that met my interests as a longtime hybrid, death-bringing PvP class.  I excepted the invite, and within ten days I owned both expansions and would eventually level to 80 on a PvE server before desperately craving the ability to actively engage in world PvP.  After checking in with a guild I had known about since my days on Mannoroth, I talked the crew I was playing with into switching over to Bleeding Hollow where we all started out fresh characters, which has been documented thoroughly on this blog.


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