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Conquest Point Cap Chart

Posted in Arena, Battlegrounds with tags on January 19, 2011 by Vikt

I found this beauty today in an aggressive Arena Junkies forums read, meaning basically that things at work were ungodly slow and I had time to catch up on more threads than what just happens in the Death Knight discussion. The post at AJ regarding this chart as well as explanations, discussions and corrections can be found here.

At the moment I am sitting at 1801 so if nothing changes I assume to be able to earn up to 1950 points next week, which means I’ll have to see what kind of remaining points I have cause it may be enough to get another 2200+ point item (head/bp/legs).

Enjoy the chart, if you comb AJ be sure to +rep Felbent (US-Stormstrike) on the chart.


Three’s Company

Posted in Arena with tags on January 17, 2011 by Vikt

While our guild hasn’t fully embraced rated battlegrounds yet, I have been able to get my first real taste of arenas. It is one thing to offer advice on this site from time to time, but another to have the credentials to back it up. While I haven’t reached that 2200+ plateau that I want, we’re doing pretty well for this being my first season.

We’re running a TSG comp, meaning a holy paladin, death knight and arms warrior. TSG is an acronym for “Teh Super Gosus”, which was the name of the first successful team to run this comp. While I am currently running my frost spec in place of the traditional unholy setup, we have done substantially well in getting to this level.

That said, last Thursday we hit a real slide and went 8-13. Necrotic Strike was hotfixed during the day, and I failed to make an adjustment until it was too late. We started 1-6 before rallying the final games at 7-6, but my days of being an NS-monkey are at least finished for now. The hotfix reduced the absorption rate of NS from 8-9k to somewhere between 3.5-5k, and while I was fruitlessly trying to apply it to holy paladins and restoration druids they were laughing off my mostly-melee pressure and keeping targets alive that my warrior was beating on. Adjustments will definitely have to be made as we attempt to climb higher.

Anyway, typical TSG setups in the past was burst a dps to pull out the healer then kill it, but with all the new crowd control in Cataclysm we’re finding that we have a lot of adjustments to make against certain classes. I have considered switching over to unholy because I think we should have a much better record than we have right now, but with the upcoming changes to 2h frost I think I am going to see them out to see how it performs before shanking my battleground spec in order to spec a supposedly better arena setup.

3.3.2 PvP Gear Changes

Posted in Arena, Battlegrounds, Miscellaneous with tags , on February 5, 2010 by Vikt

If you have ever wondered exactly how much honor you want to have available for the start of a new Arena season, know that the answer sits somewhere around 250k. I mentioned that I was sitting around this mark last week and only managed another 7k there after, and when Season #8 released Tuesday I bought every possible upgrade without having to kill the first Alliance character.

The system has changed a bit though. In Season #7 (Relentless), you could buy Season #5 gear (Deadly) completely with honor and Season #6 (Furious) gear with an easily attainable Arena rating (sub-1500) or later in the season for Triumph badges. Any piece of current season gear required at least a 1200 Arena rating, and for the non-Arena junky that essentially guaranteed you would at most ever rock full Furious Gladiator gear. This season (Season #8) you have the option to purchase 4 pieces of current season (Wrathful) gear straight out of the box without an Arena rating for a considerable amount of honor (Neck, Back, Bracer, Ring), as well as buy all the Relentless gear with honor and arena points – NO arena rating required. Additionally Wintergrasp has added a new vendor selling 251 level shoulders, neck and back pieces (equal to Relentless) which gives you the option to upgrade with another currency while you work towards your 5/5 Gladiator bonus.

In addition to the more obtainable Gladiator gear this season, you are finally able to purchase Battlemaster trinkets from S7. When I was playing a Human DK I really wanted one of these because of the racial PvP insignia, but I’m presently curious about how much fun this will be to play with versus the Greatness card and insignia I use now. Worst case scenario I have Lichborne, but my mobility is always what I considered a strong point of my class. For a lack of a better paragraph to list this under, but the highest level insignia is also now purchasable and it has an unbelievable amount of resilience on it.

The changes in gear have added the biggest stat boost I have seen at once in the time I have played. I jumped over 3k health and now sit less than 200 away from 30k unbuffed, and after blowing my Horn of Winter I sit at nearly 4900 attack power. When all my bells and whistles proc (Fallen Crusader, Greatness, Relic) my gargoyle is popping people for 2500 per shot. Seriously, I am a bitch to fight against now.

The worst part of all this is that I have very limited PvP time this week, so by the time I get a chance to slaughter people my preparation for the season change will be for not because everyone has had time to gear up. I dunno, at least I don’t suck.

Arena Season #8 (Patch 3.3.2)

Posted in Arena, Strategy with tags , on February 2, 2010 by Vikt

Unfortunately this mount is not a reward from Arena Season 8, but it just seems like such a cool way to lead off the post about Patch 3.3.2 where Arthas is finally going to meet his end. For those not in the know, “Invincible” is the horse of Arthas and is dropped when he is defeated in heroic 25-man mode.

Sticking with the whole Arthas thing, the cinematic of what occurs when he dies has been datamined and is on Youtube. Fair warning, it’s a major spoiler apparently to everyone who has some attachment to the Alliance and/or paladins (doesn’t really mean shit to me), so if you’re into the whole “discover it yourself” you may want to not hit play.

Another change to PvP occurs in this patch in order to offset last week’s hotfix where resilience values were doubled, and that is to permanently reduce healing power by 10%. Certainly you had to notice that trying to kill resto and holy classes was even more impossible than before, right? Ya, if you didn’t you’re not alone, but then again I didn’t queue up any Arenas last week because it was fruitless to do so.

Finally, many of us are geared and anticipating the newest Arena season and are going to be testing our mettle more this session than we ever had in the past. As a brush-up on technique for us and others (up to like 100 hits a day!), here are the current 6 iterations of “The Beginner’s Guide to Arena” hosted at

Part #1
Part #2
Part #3
Part #4
Part #5
Part #6

Hopefully that’s enough material to keep you occupied during the extended maintenance.

Arena Season 8 Preparation

Posted in Arena, Battlegrounds, Strategy with tags , , on January 27, 2010 by Vikt

You know I always wondered why people obsess about pixelated items in a video game with virtually no tangible value…and then I see mounts like this one and think to myself, “I’d about pay anything to get one of those…”

At any rate, that’s the Season 8 Wrathful Gladiator Frostwyrm. And while I’m showing the mount, here’s the Wrathful Gladiator gear that you’ll (I’ll) be striving for when Patch 3.3.2 hits – which brings me to my next point. Arena Season 8 cannot begin without a content patch, and the content patch is not ready…hence no new arena season.

So, as a devout PvP’er that was completely stocked up on items in preparation of the new Arena season, I now begin another week of increasing the amount of items I have stocked up to buy Arena gear with. I have over 1200 stone shards, 150 WG marks, I converted my Arena points to commendations already and I’ve been honor capped since (what seems like) the beginning of time. I don’t have a lot of BG badges so I suppose I can increase them, but the badge I need the most of is Strand of the Ancients and I swear my battlegroup is ridiculously clueless on how that one works. I think when I did the math last night I was sitting at around 250k honor.

I guess here goes grinding out another 50k in hopes the patch is ready next Tuesday.

Arena Guide

Posted in Arena, Battlegrounds, Strategy with tags , , on December 18, 2009 by Vikt

Credit to whoever did it, I can’t read the author in the top-right hand corner.

But this is accurate. I was just talking to Lozar about PvP gemming and honestly the best advice I can give to anyone is to find the top Arena players on your battlegroup and mimic them. RAWR has its uses, but in order to find the best character compositions in PvP it is impossible to assign a numerical value to it – so mimic someone, figure out which parts of it work best for you and adjust accordingly.

Naturally, making use of the PvP Discussion tabs I link on this site are beneficial as well. Once you have obtained substantial experience in doing something to the extent of being able to understand discussion regarding it, then hitting up these forums/sites will take your game to the next level. Explore things on your own, don’t ever completely take someone else’s word for it without experimentation.

When I was a new 80 guarding nodes in battlegrounds I would just jot down names of players who did particularly well and then Armory them. Given the option to bookmark them if you are logged in is awesome, and to date I have 7 different DK’s that I follow that are always in PvP gear to see how they enchant, gem and what specs they are using. After a Warsong Gulch that I had last night where I did 300k more damage than 2nd highest, I would only hope that someone else is benefiting from my setup as much as I did.

In short, go PvP, watch what other people are doing, gear up similarly to top players and then start reading more into it once you have a general idea of what you’re doing (or just follow this chart!).

Patch 3.3 PvP Changes

Posted in Arena, Battlegrounds, World PvP with tags , , , , , on December 8, 2009 by Vikt

There’s a ton of changes to the game in Patch 3.3, but the only ones that will affect you from a PvP standpoint are:


  • All abilities that have base cooldowns of 10 minutes or longer cannot be used in Arenas, down from 15 minutes.


  • Battleground Experience: Battleground experience gained is now based on the level of the player gaining experience, rather than the highest possible player level in that Battleground.
  • All level 71-80 Battleground daily quests will now award 25 Arena points in addition to their current rewards.


  • You must now have the following ranks to build or pilot siege vehicles:
    • Rank 2: Build/pilot Catapults.
    • Rank 3: Build/pilot Demolishers.
    • Rank 3: Build/pilot Siege Engines.

The Arenas bit is just further evidence that Blizzard is going with shorter cooldowns, however if you weren’t able to use it prior in Arenas you still can’t – it’s just now possible to use it more in Battlegrounds (Army of the Dead for DK’s, for example).

The extra Arena points for completing the Battlegrounds PvP daily is a welcome addition as it essentially brings you 175 additional points per week. The hidden benefit is that it may make the Horde on Ruin suck less in certain ones. I swear that it is impossible to win in Alterac Valley, Arathi Basin or the Isle of Conquest as of late. Simple strategies to all 3, yet complete moronification occurs somewhere in between level 79 and 80 for the Horde and persists forever thence after.

The Wintergrasp change – oh thank god. Hopefully the increased rank to build catapults will deter people from hanging around the vehicle shops in order to build one the moment they achieve the first rank, and instead make their way to the base and stay until First Lieutenant is achieved. Come to think of it, I wonder if Wintergrasp can still be glitched to achieve top rank instantly?

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