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We (Didn’t) Have It All Along

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags on November 8, 2010 by Vikt

How depressing is it to watch a game stay 10 points apart nearly the entire time, only to see the Horde cap 4 nodes tied at 1490? Ugh, this achievement will be the bane of me ever becoming Battlemaster – I can tell that right now.

And I wonder just how many Battlemasters did it legitimately? As of right now I can say I fully intend to get this achievement during typical play, but I am guessing that if it came down to being the last one needed to obtain the title I may feel different about it. It seems that I see a forum topic daily in some variety attempting to organize both sides, but I dunno – I guess I’ll see what happens. I have 27 more wins to go before I get the Veteran achievement so we’ll see if I can obtain it in that time.


Drunk PvP

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags , , on November 6, 2010 by Vikt

Earlier in the week an opportunity presented itself to my crew and I to join up with the best PvP guild on the server. As we stood, 6 of us debating on whether to mass recruit a PvP force in hope that several stuck around and didn’t suck – we chose to jump to the confines of a 100+ member guild with the entry barrier of needing a 1750 rating in Arenas.

Well, we picked the right night to do it because premades started shortly thereafter. The results? Ehh, disgusting. A collection of players like this should be illegal, and it would appear that the 6-member crew that was once Vexare – Vikt, Halomoo, Ciampo, Mandazar, Viktsnazz and Megachoo – has obtained what we have been searching for since we came to a PvP server. Rated battlegrounds are going to be awesome.

How about we start off the night with an Eye of the Storm? Honestly I can’t believe we let them even score.

The second match was about as close to perfection as could possibly be. The only death by the Horde in this match was a DK from Skullcrusher, as our guild was only supplying 13 of the 15 needed.

This match proved a little more intresting, as we sort of just trade bases up the middle of the map. The Lumber Mill stayed alliance due to an elemental shaman and a boomkin guarding it (hate that fucking typhoon spell), and the mine stayed Horde because Ciampo and 2 other members of the guild stayed there. It wasn’t until Drunkscooby decided to camp the stables that we really established a steady hold on resources as we traded the farm and blacksmith back and forth.

The warrior above me on the scoreboard, Jùicyj, was one of the reasons I was enamored with this guild to begin with. A few months ago I ran an ICC 10 with many members of this guild and the people outside were having difficulty zoning in. Jùicyj and I went out and killed 9 people in route to summoning stone without a healer, at one point fighting 4 people at a time. There’s just something to be said for being surrounded by people who know how to play their classes.

A much quicker AB, we cleaned up mistakes from the first one and won this one only allowing 50 points. Ciampo died twice, not sure how because we completely steamrolled our way into the Alliance graveyard.

If you use Xperl like I do, seriously…how the hell do you click off buffs? I thought I’d be all awesome and whatnot, morph into a dwarf during our fight to take the last node and ended up guarding it for the entire battleground because I couldn’t mount up to leave. As Mandazar says in the screenshot, apparently it does that right now, but ya.

Here’s the one you expect from me. If you’ve followed from the beginning, you know that I either get well over 20 killing blows and die once or I don’t die at all and get less than 20. The Wrecking Ball achievement will be the death of my online persona one day, I swear it. This is another example, as I once again laid waste to a battleground only to come up short again. The bitch of this one that a battleground just before this (which for some reason I cannot locate the screenshot) we camped a graveyard until 2 members got their 20-0, to which I was unable to do because I died running the flag back by myself while the rest of the guild was AE’ing the graveyard. I sincerely felt bad for the Alliance in the battleground, however remembered all the times it has happened to me as well – sweet vindication.

If you ever are stuck in this situation? Leave the battleground, they’ll get bored eventually when no one respawns.

More Frost Testimonies

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags , on October 29, 2010 by Vikt

Yusehz of US-Shadowburn is an Orc Death Knight swinging a Heroic Bryntroll with a Death’s Choice trinket. By comparison I am swinging a normal Bryntroll with a Greatness card. Yes, he does have better gear than me but that doesn’t take away from the fact that his screenshot here is completely what I was linking here.

Eatspie of US-Retaliation is an Undead Death Knight swinging an ilevel 277 Gladiator Polearm with a Whispering Fanged Skull. Yes, this screenshot is utterly disgusting and I believe was posted in order to make us all feel inferior, but same as the one before and my post before these, frost damage is exponentially high in relation to our normal performance right now.

Also of note, Yusehz earned a Gladiator title in Season #8 and Eatspie has a high arena rating of 2400+. These are exceptional players putting up these numbers.

Incredible Warrior Tricks

Posted in Battlegrounds, PvP Videos, Strategy, World PvP with tags , on October 4, 2010 by Vikt

In honor of finally leveling my warrior and my second level 80 character, I decided to post the original Swifty PvP video as a tribute/too lazy to post something else. For those not in the know, Swifty is a level 80 Night Elf Warrior from Darkspear/Cyclone that has been making videos since vanilla WoW and has inspired the play of countless numbers of warriors playing the game today. When I originally was playing Enzminger back in the vanilla days the first few Swifty videos had come out, and together with a few other warrior videos already linked on this blog it helped shape my character as I was grinding out my Centurion rank before quitting all together.

Well, Swifty made it to Rank #13 and has an incredible playing setup now, so perhaps had my PC not overheated so many years ago who knows?! Anyway, check the nostalgia in the video and then be sure to spend some time on his Youtube site linked above, you’re going to learn quite a bit about playing as a warrior in WoW.

Recent Decent Battlegrounds

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags , , , , on September 30, 2010 by Vikt

Nothing too great about many of these battlegrounds, just preserving the moment more or less. In this one you do see Halomoo standing the background, and there exists visual evidence that he does – in fact – use totems.

This one I kept because it just went to show how good group PvP can be. There were 4 members of Vexare in here (Vikt, Halomoo, Mandazar and Viktsnazz) as well as 3 members of iPvP – another Bleeding Hollow (presumably) PvP guild. We annihilated the Alliance as our group was running the flags while theirs was camping the base of the graveyard hill.

Just an impressive showing by Mandazar and I.

Absolute epic AV that I ran with Halorit. 227 kills and 800k+ damage, all because of a certain asshole who caps Snowfall Graveyard…I love Alterac Valley.

Something tells me that half that shaman’s damage below me on the scoreboard was done by knocking Hordies off the cliff from the Lumber Mill. Seriously, I hate that freaking spell.

A good Isle of Conquest, another where I just decided to tank the final guy…or in actuality, I cast Army of the Dead and run in and let the rest kind of take care of itself.

First Week Back

Posted in Battlegrounds with tags , , , , on September 5, 2010 by Vikt

After being on vacation for 10 days I was admittedly more interested in playing World of Warcraft than I was blogging about it, but after a week of battlegrounds and a little pre-expansion questing I need to dump some screenshots.

My first battleground back completely illustrated a post I read on Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual ironically during said vacation, entitled “The Battleground Scoreboard” that talks about all that is wrong in the way that battlegrounds are scored. This could not be more true if you analyze the lopsided Horde domination in all aspects of PvP, however still losing to an organized Alliance team. The Alliance had 2 feral druids and a rogue that capped bases behind us, an elemental shaman and a boomkin that blew us off the ledge at the lumber mill – just all the elements of a successful Arathi Basin team minus geared Gladiators.

Also, I posted recently about a badass hunter being your best friend in a battleground, and in that you had Draxiel from Skullcrusher just pouring damage into the Alliance. Again, we lost, so all for naught.

Again with the hunters, this time being Bohan from Shattered Hand (in complete PvE gear) and Hektor from Magtheridon. These hunters lit everything up so effectively that I somehow was never the target of a group and that my defensive cooldowns were enough to keep me alive most of the time, which is plus considering I’m always at the front of the battle. Four more damn kills and I would’ve got my wrecking ball achievement…shit.

This is of course the anti-first picture, where we dominated all the stats and still won. I would assume that Strand of the Ancients is much more conducive to one of these types of results than Arathi Basin is, because if you lose out in the mass PvP in and around the demolishers you pretty much don’t fair very well. The reason this battleground is shown is because I inherited (stole, whatever) my new saying when I capture the relic in SotA or Wintergrasp…except I spell it right.

You know how every portfolio, resume or whatever has that one item in it that supposedly shows versatility? Ya, this is me claiming I can do more than bash heads in Eye of the Storm. You’ll note in the bottom of my UI that I go to the extent of keeping Swiftness Potions in my inventory, as well as alternate between Unholy (run speed) and Frost (tank) presences in order to be an effective flag carrier. If you’re losing a lot of battlegrounds and not taking similar steps, try re-evaluating your approach (quit being a tightass!).

This is the obligatory “we defended Wintergrasp and I kicked ass in it” screenshot that pretty much makes every screenshot-dump post that I do. To judge your own personal asskickings, download the WinterTime addon from Curse which will not only tell you when Wintergrasp starts, but how many kills and honor you earn while inside of it. It also comes with extra achievements which in no way count towards your total, but it still kind of rocks when you earn things like “Won Wintergrasp wearing no pants”.

Of note there is no achievement for that, but you get the idea.

Such a questing whore, told you I was trying to tie up some loose ends before Cataclysm.

While you can’t tell in this picture, I finally decided that I could tank bosses at the end of battlegrounds. While I am certainly not ready to tank Alterac Valley and all the tower guards yet, I decided that I’ve watched enough people sit around long enough when the waiting party was sufficient to take down the end boss. You know the routine, 15 people standing outside the boss in AV or Isle of Conquest and everyone looks at each other with their dicks in their hands? Ya, I’ve started going frosty and charging bosses – pretty good results so far.

While this final battleground doesn’t look like much, we were actually even around 350 with the Alliance beginning to take the upper hand. I ran down towards the Gold Mine and helped a warrior and a druid take out 2 Alliance as well as the respawn, and immediately after the battle a warrior named Gormic from Mannoroth stepped up, inspected me and said let’s roll together. We capped the mine, he hopped on the Death Mammoth along with Mandazar and ripped the blacksmith from 4, the lumber mill from about the same and then went Operation: Dumbo Drop back to the blacksmith in route to a 5-cap. It was perhaps one of the most dominant runs against superior numbers I’ve had without a healer…it was ugly for the Alliance.

Honored w/ The Defilers

Posted in Battlegrounds, Strategy with tags on August 18, 2010 by Vikt

Glancing at my reputations over the weekend I noticed that I was fairly close to Honored with the Horde Arathi Basin faction The Defilers. Upon this realization it occurred to me that I had never bothered to visit The Defiler camp, so I went / picked up the quest / finished it – yada, yada…honored.

Great story right? I’m going somewhere here. Currently my faction sits at 550/12,000 honored, which combined with the 21,000 revered requirement means that I need 32,450 more faction before I become Exalted and get a sweet tabard. To break that down, there is a possibility to gain 10 faction points per 160 resources while in the battleground. The most faction you can gain per battleground is 100 (1600 total points / 160 = 10; 10 x 10 = 100), and if I were to gain the required faction it would mean that I still need to win 325 more matches in Arathi Basin.

Hole + Lee = Shit.

And again, that’s if I win all 325 matches. Being that I have done absolutely no research into how long this would take nor have I analyzed the average amount of resources gained, I am forced to assume I gain around 1200 resources per battleground. This results in roughly 75 faction points per match, meaning I need to play 433 more rounds.

(see above reference equation that makes a dirty word)

The realization that I really have yet to accomplish shit on one of my initial goals of being a Conqueror and Battlemaster by the time Cataclysm hits has sunk in a bit, along with the fact that perhaps my Death Knight may not be the extent of my WoW fixation. I have dug up my warrior that I played in beta, with The Twelve Prophets and then discarded a week before we killed Ragnaros in Molten Core. By what you have gotten to know about me so far, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the time I spent PvPing with him back then – so much so that I also looked into his faction as well. More random numbers:

Enzminger, current level 72 warrior:
Faction Level: 3,260 / 21,000 (revered)
Needed Wins: 178 (178 x 100 = 17,800 faction)
Expected Games: 237 (237 x 75 = 17,775 faction)

Now the decision to resurrect Enzminger is not entirely based upon his faction levels in comparison to Vikt, but it is comforting to think that someday both characters will be wearing aforementioned sweet tabard. My decision to play Enz mainly stems for the fact that I believe if I am stuck with a bad class for PvP during a particular season then I have the option to concentrate on one character more than the other.

Let’s face it, Death Knights suck for Arenas this season. Yes, I could grind to 1800. Yes, I could use people based upon when I want to play, I could pay for someone else to do it for me or whatever else – fact is, it’s not what I entirely enjoy and the sheer fact that I would have to bend over backwards to succeed just makes me that much more likely to not give a shit. Whereas, if I was playing a warrior this season (or hell, the last one as well) – I would have already hit a 2k rating without really trying. It’s not about the effort, it’s just that I am not that interested in sacrificing my enjoyment in what I do well to struggle doing something else.

Pussy? Ya, probably, but I want to at least have 2 classes at max level in the event one gets a raw deal with all the new talents and abilities.

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