My Armory

Because I’m cheap and haven’t purchased my own webspace as well as the template I use, I am unfortunately hamstrung on apps I can install on the page…thus no nifty Armory app.

However, to quickly access me on the Armory simply CLICK HERE.


4 Responses to “My Armory”

  1. you cant really RETIRE the Enz… maybe hes just on the disabled list?

  2. Ya I dunno. I love playing the guy but have never been good about playing alts nor have I ever had the desire to level up another character ever. Rather, I like to try to experience everything possible on one main.

    In the least I’ll get him to 65 so he can perfect blacksmithing, least I can do is that.

    • Just wanted to point out that Enz still sits near a mailbox, however now is in Orgrimmar where he can just turn and cook on an open fire. He’s still level 60, and doesn’t even have a UI setup.

  3. Unless I purchase the website template I can’t change it to where I could host the armory application to be interactive, so instead you’re faced with clicking on the pic to go to my armory.

    Improvisation at its finest.

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