Season #10 Death Knight Gladiator Set

Yesterday MMO Champion posted all the Season #10 Gladiator gear sets which will be live in Patch 4.2, and above is the male and female version of everyone’s favorite class. All in all I am pretty happy with the look, and while many are criticizing the horns as making DK’s look like the spawn of Satan I think it makes for a nice evolution from the Season #9 helm. Of course, I can’t ever remember displaying my helm graphic so take from that what you will.

Be sure to visit the MMO Champion link above to view your own class set as well.


6 Responses to “Season #10 Death Knight Gladiator Set”

  1. When I first saw the new models for Season 9, I got really excited. I thought the helm looked absolutely badass. But you’re right, in practice I’ve only very rarely actually had it displayed. Maybe Season 10 will be different!

  2. I’ve even come to the decision ito wear the helm while actually engaging in combat and then to switch back to normal when not, but ya – some 3 months later I’m yet to do it for the first time.

    Definitely an interesting head piece though.

  3. Does this come out in patch 4.2? I can’t wait! I’m tickled to death, I can’t wait for my new gear. This stuff is AWESOME.
    And I thought the my season 9 set was badass, time to set style to a whole new level.

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