Road to 2200

After about a month and a half of rated battlegrounds my crew has produced three 2200 ratings, with me being the most recent. A quick tale of Murphy’s Law taking over when I got close…

So ya, 2191 rating and completely dusting everyone as I rose from 2140 to the above mark. With a 3-0 record on the night and 9 more points needed, we queue into Gilneas and the above screenshot tells it all…Reckful again. Now for those all claiming that grinding long enough gets you to 2200, it is partially true but it’s very, very frustrating. Once you reach a certain point you begin losing rating, starting a vicious cycle of higher level players not wanting to play with newer ones because of the ratings loss they endure while those same newer players gain 91 points for a win and you lose 12 points for a loss.

Anyway (off my soapbox), running into a team like this is the epitome of what rateds should be from formidable players. Reckful is sitting around 250-50 W/L record in rateds and there is a good reason – they play with the same players and are a very, very good. Our healers would get burst at the initial waterworks fight until they hit a defensive cooldown, at which the entire offense would instantly be on another target. As soon as the defensive CD was over, the offense jumped right back on them – let’s just say there’s a reason they’re sitting on ratings like that. Having your ass handed to you like that from time to time is nice if you’re paying attention to things they do and try to emulate them.

Draxo and I did double team Reckful somewhere in the midst of mindless waves attacking various targets. I mean ya, whoopee shit amirite? Oh well, least we did something in the match.

Anyway, quick warning for those who may have kids around – the next image contains content unsuitable for people who hate FAIL:

Yes, we played to a 0-0 stalemate in Twin Peaks. I mean, 9 points to go and after drawing the previous game and surviving without a ratings loss we run into a decent rated squad and never manage to drop either flag carrier after 20 minutes. Full debuffs and everything – just no deaths. The Alliance sent Bajheera (Warrior), Skeetzlol (Rogue) and Macabra (Spriest) on offense – rest were on defense. Ya, 7 man defensive team with a protection warrior (Platefobrain), a warlock for fear bombs, a mage for CC and 4 freaking healers. Talk about insufferable…

I mean, it’s our own fault in a way – we didn’t send our defensive mage into the fight until the very end, and we actually killed the warrior as time expired but obviously couldn’t return the flag. I didn’t know the end result would be raid-wide ratings loss, but if you’re reading don’t make the same mistake we did.

But in the end the good guys prevailed (I actually think it was a few nights later as well) and I was able to get my rating after 3-0’ing this crappy Eredar team. I look sweet in the my new digs, and in case you were wondering – Yes, you have to trade in all of your gear and re-enchant, re-gem and re-reforge everything the way you had it before. Same goes for the weapon.

Just wanted to throw a few screens up and relay the information that I’m running around with a 372-weapon and I know how to use it. I’ll post some screens up of the carnage expressed thru random bg’s here fairly soon.


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