Stood in the Fire

Just wanted to share my experience in getting the achievement of being killed by Deathwing. I had just zoned into Twilight Highlands via the portal from Orgrimmar and was flying over the base to hit the elementals for the jewelcrafting daily when the entire zone changed to the orange-ish color you see in the screenshot above. I could see Deathwing tearing through the forest on his way to The Krazzworks, and when he got there he just hovered and lit that shit as you see above.

I didn’t get the achievement at first as I was chasing him from the moment I saw him, but when I later re-traced the path of destruction I flew through one of the fires still lit on the ground and received it. My health was only cut in half from the fire, so I guess I can say I’m so badass that I lived getting the killed by Deathwing achievement.


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