Three’s Company

While our guild hasn’t fully embraced rated battlegrounds yet, I have been able to get my first real taste of arenas. It is one thing to offer advice on this site from time to time, but another to have the credentials to back it up. While I haven’t reached that 2200+ plateau that I want, we’re doing pretty well for this being my first season.

We’re running a TSG comp, meaning a holy paladin, death knight and arms warrior. TSG is an acronym for “Teh Super Gosus”, which was the name of the first successful team to run this comp. While I am currently running my frost spec in place of the traditional unholy setup, we have done substantially well in getting to this level.

That said, last Thursday we hit a real slide and went 8-13. Necrotic Strike was hotfixed during the day, and I failed to make an adjustment until it was too late. We started 1-6 before rallying the final games at 7-6, but my days of being an NS-monkey are at least finished for now. The hotfix reduced the absorption rate of NS from 8-9k to somewhere between 3.5-5k, and while I was fruitlessly trying to apply it to holy paladins and restoration druids they were laughing off my mostly-melee pressure and keeping targets alive that my warrior was beating on. Adjustments will definitely have to be made as we attempt to climb higher.

Anyway, typical TSG setups in the past was burst a dps to pull out the healer then kill it, but with all the new crowd control in Cataclysm we’re finding that we have a lot of adjustments to make against certain classes. I have considered switching over to unholy because I think we should have a much better record than we have right now, but with the upcoming changes to 2h frost I think I am going to see them out to see how it performs before shanking my battleground spec in order to spec a supposedly better arena setup.


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