Buying Vicious Gladiator Gear

After finishing my Bloodthirsty Gladiator gear set recently (thanks in part to Blizzard’s terrible decision on how to distribute honor via Tol Barad), the need to prioritize my purchases came to mind. With 2,000 Conquest Points to spend following a 2H weapon, I found myself as that same blank palette that was gearing up on Furious Gladiator pieces in my first real PvP as a Death Knight.

Now like Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm gear comes not only from PvP related activity (arenas & battlegrounds) but also from Baradin Hold – exactly like Vault of Archavon. Last season I knew to always purchase the current season Gladiator gear in a pattern that left the leg and hands slots last because they dropped from VoA. Well, same deal – and if you’re a Death Knight (I actually assume all classes are the same – check here to be sure!), these are the PvP items (& slots) you should probably purchase last as they have the chance of dropping off Argaloth in BH:

  • Neck (Accuracy & Proficiency)
  • Back (Prowess & Cruelty)
  • Gauntlets
  • Legguards
  • Waist (Cruelty & Prowess)
  • Boots (Alacrity & Cruelty)
  • Finger (Accuracy & Cruelty)
  • Trinket (Badges, Emblems, Insignias, Medallions)

You can take this list for what it’s worth as a guide or you can be like many high level players you see now and buy off-set pieces (finger/neck/ring), but if there is a chance that I can score any of these pieces once a week by downing the BH Pit Lord than I’ll fill the non-droppable pieces up first – your pick on how you want to play it.

If you’re one of the new readers that found me via the Tanking post I put out a few days ago, then know that the PvE Gauntlets and Legguards (DPS & Tanking) both drop off of Argaloth as well – so you may want to wait on spending your hard-earned points on those last as well. To provide one last bit of information, here is the Tankspot’s guide to Argaloth:


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