New Expansion, Same Results

If you’ve followed the site you already know, but if you don’t just do a search to the right on “wrecking ball” and see the near-misses I have recorded in the past. I used to think that maybe I wasn’t good enough – you know, like it was something only great players could get – but I think I’m getting past that and am just starting to accept that it will happen if its meant to happen.

All this for a silly achievement? I know, it’s stupid. But still, this achievement is like a tribute to badass melee in a battleground and I’m yet to pull it off. L2play amirite?!


5 Responses to “New Expansion, Same Results”

  1. I really dont understand the mastery deal. I am 2h frost and DW frost. Just dont like the pet deal. Any suggestions would be awesome.

    • Mastery is basically a way of improving what you have – like…”mastering” something, so essentially just doing it better. In the case of Unholy, mastery makes the diseases hurt more, but under the current setup other stats are still more important. With Blood, mastery improves a tank’s Blood Shield, and you actually may choose to reforge even avoidance for mastery.

      With Frost, more mastery = more frost damage. In our setups we’re trying to do more burst damage versus have our diseases whittle someone down. The larger your Howling Blasts, the bigger the numbers = more of a kill boner for your death knight. Mastery makes those numbers much larger.

      For your Frost builds in PvP, with DW you’ll want to stat Hit > Spell Pen > Strength > Mastery while in 2H you’ll want to stat Hit > Spell Pen > Strength > Haste > Mastery. Running both of those in PvP may be a nightmare because you won’t be able to stat your Gladiator gear the most optimal way in one of the setups.

    • …and I went wrong on the 2H Frost recommendation in terms of stat priority. You will want to go Hit > Spell Pen > Strength > Mastery > Haste > Crit – in other words, reforge for Mastery after you achieve the Hit cap of 5%.

  2. How on earth are you doing so much healing?? I tend to get nuked down so fast, I dont even have time to pop Lichborne + DC. I guess I must be playing wrong..

    • As your resilience gets better you’ll find yourself getting back to that same feeling we enjoyed prior to Cataclysm’s release. Running at 1400 a few days ago I was in the same boat you’re describing, but even just after picking up my 2-piece bonus (+400 resilience) I’ve noticed a marked difference in my damage mitigation.

      Since I can’t apparently post the code on here, try out – in there you’ll find a Lichborne/Self Heal macro that will allow you to set it up to where you can just spam it granted you have the rune power to do it. On my setup I use my middle mouse button for my trinket, shift+middle mouse button for lichborne – so healing for me is just holding down shift and nailing that thing till I’m full health. Make no mistake, if used correctly, lichborne is our ghetto-Lay on Hands.

      My self-healing used to be much better with my Bryntroll, but now it’s mainly from the occasional lichborne, death strikes and honestly bandages. I acquired so many bandages via questing (hit 525 early last week) that I still have over 100. My philosophy on that is to bring your own bandages, grab your own food – if you top yourself off after a battle whether in an instance, questing or PvP, you’re saving the healer mana that he could be using elsewhere. He drinks when he gets low, yet melee would rather stand there expecting a heal. Don’t be a lazy ass is my philosophy, I’ll bandage myself and eat my own conjured food.

      Klyz (first guy on the shot) heals himself far better than I do since we’ve both hit 85, and he’s running Unholy. He’ll sacrifice his pet more than I do because it’s up a lot more, but other than just that he’s essentially healing himself consistently better in all other areas at this point. I asked him the same question the other day and I think in general that Unholy is just going to be better self-healing (glyphs, constant pet), but again – making use of everything we have at our advantage (bandages, leftover runic potions) consistently will keep driving those numbers up significantly.

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