My Illustrated Blitz to 85

I have a lot of things that I want to post, but I guess it goes without saying that I hit level 85 last week and am really yet to post anything regarding the trip to do it. While I normally don’t expound upon such things and would much rather be using the time to farm the crap out of honor gear this weekend, here goes my illustrated journey to level 85 – you know, minus all the things I didn’t take a picture of or it sucked way too bad to post.

This screen actually comes before the Cataclysm, but it was one of the first in my folder and I liked it enough to post it. I love the new Horde dark-iron architecture implemented under Garrosh Hellscream, and while observing the mining camp just north of Orgrimmar you get to see both that and the Horde robbing Night Elves of their environment…how can you not love Garrosh?

This was the first dragon head I saw impaled for everyone’s amusement, and again with the architecture. How much cooler is the new Orgrimmar?

This picture is just me thinking I look badass. While I never upgraded any piece to Sanctified minus my breastplate, I still pumped out more DPS than people with much better gear. This is the last image I have of the T10 PvE armor set alongside crafted legs and boots. Oh, and while I’m on the subject and so I can say I said it before at a later date, Orc boots like these are badass – the wrathful ones that look like slippers? Not so much. If I could have come up with any justification for wearing these boots in PvP over the Wrathful ones, I would have in a heartbeat.

You with me so far? Hmm, wonder what could come out of this…

Ya, I was as surprised as you – though I don’t know about her saying I gave that to her…

I found it humorous that I got to be shark bait for a quest. While I thought the whole line was a general pain in the ass while I was doing it (there were also 8.2 million Alliance in the area as well), the way you work to kill this thing with the crazy sailor was pretty awesome.

Even though I was very adamant about Garrosh becoming the new Warchief, I’ll always have love for Thrall. In The Shattering you get to follow him re-discovering his shamanistic roots and come to realize why he had to leave his position in favor of Garrosh, but it was relatively hard imagining him in only a robe after coming to know him wearing the armor and swinging the weapon of Orgrimm Doomhammer. Nice to see him and Aggra doing something worthy of Thrall’s legend out at the Maelstrom, and if I remember correctly you run across them in the Goblin starting area as well. Ehh, I really don’t play alts, and I don’t play anything but Orcs…we’ll see.

Did I say earlier was the last shot of me in PvE gear? Well, this one I think looks better – but how much better are the quality of my screenshots since getting this new video card 2 weeks ago?

From Vashj’ir I headed to Deepholm and apparently had to snag a shot of the ugliest thing I’ve seen in Warcraft, and from listening to guild chat for the last week apparently I should work that faction a little bit. How awesome were the graphics in Deepholm though?

I couldn’t help but feel like a pervert, but didn’t we already cross this bridge? These perverted shots should go a long way to prove the sexual frustration of Blizzard employees while working the long hours to develop this expansion. Ahh, who am I kidding – I laughed.

How badass was fighting this thing Yogg-Saron style in Twilight Highlands?

Speaking of Thrall, was awful nice of him to resurrect me right…

…into Deathwing. Now perhaps I have a beef with Thrall here, but while I was screenshotting the crap out of this whole ordeal being my first time to see the dragon and all, Thrall turned and yelled at me that the world was – I dunno, going to die and that it was my fault. Was I supposed to put foot to ass right there?

And I guess bringing an end to my PvE days would be me being involved in the first ever Drunk PvP guild heroic in Cataclysm. As I mentioned in a comment on my last post, I hope to put together a post on DK tanking by the end of the weekend, so look forward to that and hold my ass accountable if I don’t deliver.

(death to dial-up internet connections on this post, amirite?)


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