Lil’ Game Hunter

One of the ways I have found to make gold throughout Wrath of the Lich King is by flipping the same companion pets I mentioned yesterday. While certainly a more time-consuming and perhaps “luckier” type of item to sell, they nonetheless payoff extremely well if treated with patience. If you manage to sell a companion for 1.7k because someone let it go for 800g – does it matter if it took 3 listings to sell?

Over time when I find decent deals here and there I have kept some of these pets – not that I ever summon it – but just because … you know I really don’t know. At any rate I have been extremely close to the 75 non-combat pets achievement for a long time, so when the rumors of extreme awesomesauce that is Lawn of the Dead and the idea of the 75th pet met each other – off to Hillsbrad I went.

Brazie’s Sunflower Seeds couldn’t have been any more fitting to be the one I got the achievement on. It certainly is amongst the coolest, and it actually took some effort to obtain. There are plenty of discussions involving strategy on Wowhead, but instead – try playing it…it’s a really fun questline and learning how to play provides some great moments along the way.


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