Green Proto-Drake

So with a week remaining before Cataclysm is released I am attempting to tie up all loose ends, and one thing I have wanted for months has been this drake. Well, any Proto-Drake for that matter – despite there being 9 available I still didn’t have a single one.  I obtained Onyxien the Netherwing Drake on November 8, 2009 and had used him solely since (I tend to get attached to one mount).

Since you just tried to name off the 9 Proto-Drakes, allow me to help:

Anyway, I’ve been revered with the Oracles since May – so I guess just short of 30 eggs or so to get it. Naturally as I was holding onto an egg with a 7-day timer, they changed the hatch to 3-days – which happened to be the exact amount of time I had left on my egg on the day of the patch. Three days later, the drake you see above came to be.

As a bit of advice, be sure to continue to buy these eggs for the companion pet drops, as when the majority of the population moves to the 80-85 bracket there will be a significant drop off in Cobra Hatchings, Proto-Drake WhelpsTickbird Hatchlings and White Tickbird Hatchlings. On Bleeding Hollow the Proto-Drake goes for a few hundred gold, Cobra around 50g and somewhere in the 20’s for the Tickbirds. The quantities of these are going to become increasingly scarce as people focus on new content, but as long as non-combat pets remain an achievement you’ll have buyers at every listing.


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