Last Images of Azeroth

Gazimoff of Mana Obscura watched during “The Shattering” yesterday as the American Twitter community reminisced about the Azeroth they knew for the last six years. He offered during the last 3 hours of EU uptime to screenshot anything we may wish to see again, and after thinking I was ready to see Azeroth A.D. (After Deathwing) I thought of one glaring omission that I couldn’t say I had a great screenshot of:

…the open grave of Invincible.

I’m an orc through and through. The furthest I think I have played an Undead is around level 10, I played a Blood Elf to level 30 and have never rolled a Tauren or Troll. I never leveled around Lordaeron and the closest I ever got to anything in the Horde-controlled portion of Eastern Kingdoms was the old world battles between Hillsbrad and Southshore. Albeit the lore of Arthas and his horse Invincible is still relatively fresh in my mind following finishing Arthas: Rise of the Lich King a month ago, I really had wished to look this scene up because I had heard that the grave existed in the game.

Well, Gaz did me a huge favor. Thanks!

Be sure to head on over to Mana Obscura to check out the rest of the post, filled with areas of interest from Azeroth requested by the blogging community.


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