World PvP Hub: Hellfire Peninsula

Throughout the first two weeks in Drunk PvP I have been amazed at the amount of time they spend in Hellfire Peninsula. Well, Sunday night before our premades a request for help was made and eight of us headed into Honor Hold to fight a large assortment of Alliance that was met with some resounding results.

I knew coming in that joining a large group of PvP-based players with the minimum requirement of achieving an 1800 rating in Arenas meant that me and the crew would be playing with exceptional people. What I didn’t know was that we would be able to camp Honor Hold and over 25 Alliance for more than a half-hour. Initially the fight took place right under the main statue in the center of the city, and after killing the defending crew the fight stretched out over a larger area involving the inn and wherever that 800k-health NPC comes from. Eventually we fell, our raid of 15 that was running battlegrounds that night to a very large crew of Alliance.

Following our fall the Alliance mounted up and headed to Thrallmar where the defense spam filled our chat windows. We grouped up southeast of Honor Hold, buffed, and commenced The Ride of the Valkyries:

…except it happened nothing like that. Yes, the collection of 15 drakes (well, 14 with Halomoo’s gimp-broom in the top left-hand corner) flew towards Thrallmar…

…but what we were met with was something we apparently failed to notice in our half-hour of owning Honor Hold – the Alliance force could’ve queued itself for Alterac Valley.

You can count the Alliance (guessing you won’t, I get 28) which also reside beyond the area my nameplates show in addition to being on my left – but you can read the reaction from the other guys in /raid. It was amazing. Alliance from every corner of Azeroth came to the defense of a worthless city in an outdated zone for no other reason than to engage in World PvP.


We regrouped at Falcon Watch and slaughtered about an even number that came after us (they apparently didn’t witness what our 15 did to their 25 earlier) before getting our first queue of the night, but for those questioning the passion for world pvp before the upcoming expansion – perhaps this post will provide a little hope for that inner-bloodlust in all of you.


2 Responses to “World PvP Hub: Hellfire Peninsula”

  1. *sniffle* I’m so proud!

    *weeps red tears*

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