Just Saw Invincible

You can sort of follow the chat on what just happened. I was the first person to arrive at docks after several people expressed the need to get them prior to the match starting, and when I turned around to look I saw about 6 people behind me. While the BL in the chat said he doesn’t run from anyone, well – I’m not an idiot, I’ll go kill something else.

Anyway on my way back to the forst I thought I saw the horse from HToC but upon closer examination I saw the wings sticking out…ya, I’ll be damned – Invincible! His rider, Zorop of Magtheridon, and I were in a beeline back to the fortress to defend the keep when the screenshot was taken.

We were pretty overwhelmed when we got back by the entire Alliance force leaping in via catapult (with no glaive protection, you’ll note we won this one fairly easily later on), and behind myself and Zorop we pushed out over a few rezzes to re-take the fortress and eventually win the match. Shortly thereafter I snapped a few pics:

…and just because I always post the scoreboard anyway:


2 Responses to “Just Saw Invincible”

  1. What happened to the horde, I won 8-10 BG’s today on alliance. I was kind of wierded out we won AV. Decided to stay alliance until cata, then switching to troll cause I hate the cows. Addicted yet again.


    • The win breakdown between the two is pretty balanced, just all depends when you get online. Sometimes factions can do no wrong, some nights do no right. AV is always Alliance dominated for a laundry list of reasons.

      Troll flight forms are going to be bats. How sweet is that?

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