Vikt Jenkins

Honestly posting this was just a great chance to post the Leroy Jenkins video. I had meant to do this achievement for a long time – you know, cause most people get it in their 50’s – but in my last ditch effort to finish all the vanilla dungeons before Cataclysm I finally made my way here to obtain the title. I about bit it too – had to do some serious death strikes and sacrifice a pet to live.

The following video is the one that started it all, and if you’re reading this blog you likely have already seen it (if not wtf?!). This video originally came out during my time with The Twelve Prophets, and for the longest time no one actually knew that it was a rehearsed video. The outcry over the “32.33 – repeating of course, percentage of survival” sent the forums into a frenzy and really kind of further influenced the whole “mother’s basement” aspect of WoW players in general. Either way, you can’t help but laugh at the legendary Leeroy Jenkins.


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