We (Didn’t) Have It All Along

How depressing is it to watch a game stay 10 points apart nearly the entire time, only to see the Horde cap 4 nodes tied at 1490? Ugh, this achievement will be the bane of me ever becoming Battlemaster – I can tell that right now.

And I wonder just how many Battlemasters did it legitimately? As of right now I can say I fully intend to get this achievement during typical play, but I am guessing that if it came down to being the last one needed to obtain the title I may feel different about it. It seems that I see a forum topic daily in some variety attempting to organize both sides, but I dunno – I guess I’ll see what happens. I have 27 more wins to go before I get the Veteran achievement so we’ll see if I can obtain it in that time.


12 Responses to “We (Didn’t) Have It All Along”

  1. I’ve done it five times as far as I know. The thing about PvP achievements is that they’re all easier to get when you’re low level and near impossible once you get towards the level cap. I think the highest level I’ve ever gotten it on was 42.

    Of course, I also mostly stop doing AB in favor of AV once I hit 51, so that could be a factor as well. But the point remains, things are much more balanced in lower level brackets so it’s easy to trade off the caps and recraps that’s required for this achievement. If you’re not moving at the same speed as your opponent, or able to 4-5 cap towards the end to catch up, then you’re not going to get it.

    • Ya I’ve adopted the mentality that it’s magically going to happen before I win 100, however that number keeps creeping closer and I’m not getting any luckier. I can see what you mean on the lower levels thing though, I about got the wrecking ball achievement on my 19 warlock without trying at all…that cheevo avoids me like the plague at level 80.

  2. Hey guys, miss warcraft terribly.(just the pvp and you guys of course), Should have never made the jump to alliance for pve 😦 Might come back soonish.


    • Well you know, a simple “hey I’m going to change over to Alliance” to begin with would have been something, instead of assuming you were taking a break from the game. Your character disappeared and no one knew where you were.

      And PvE…ugh. Boomkins are tearing shit up atm, ought to give it a try again.

  3. Shame on you and your trip to blueby land. Come back to us.. to us.. 🙂

    • I told brett what was going on, he said have fun dying alot LOL. Im still reading about this reforging deal. Goin thursday to get a 2 month card from gamestop.( So the wife doesn’t know)

  4. que es?

    All your pvp are belong to us.

  5. back on, totally lost lol.

  6. chckenmcbndy Says:


    Wanted to send a shout out to you for your blog! Not to many pvp blogs out there and I really enjoy your posts.

    Since the last patch I’ve been pvping more on my DK as frost 2h spec. I planned on throwing several questions your way, but, found a couple good posts on the spec over the last couple days. Don’t want to be that guy “HALp need spec/glyphs/ rotation plox!”.

    I settled on a variation of your spec and after reforging, fixing glyphs, getting to 135 spell pen, and adding enchants onto my tinkers (yeah I was late to catch that change)…DAMN its fun in pvp!

    Anyways the reason I posted in this thread was my first bg after the fixes I was focusing on the gap in my damage done and the next hightest (I was top with 1.8 mil next closest was 1 mil) as the AB was ending and I’ll be damned this achievement popped! Made me smile cause I had just read your post (not a mean smile as in ‘haha fU’ but just because I had just read your post).

    I have Battlemaster on my druid and know the pain this achievement puts people through. I wouldn’t stress over it until you get the 100 wins achievement though.

    Keep the post coming!


    • Ha, I’ve been getting quite a few of those posts lately – which really amazes me because I go out of my way to list it in as plain of terms as I possibly can. I’m going to start putting the logistics of them in italics, and just start bolding the phrase, “DON’T LOOK AT ANYTHING ELSE, JUST HIT THESE BUTTONS”.

      But ya, this achievement as well as the Wrecking Ball just continually torture me. With Wrecking Ball I at least know I’m going to get it, I’m way too good not to and I can control my performance there – it just seems to elude me. This AB one though, my god.

  7. im still waiting on this one… always 20 points apart

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