Drunk PvP

Earlier in the week an opportunity presented itself to my crew and I to join up with the best PvP guild on the server. As we stood, 6 of us debating on whether to mass recruit a PvP force in hope that several stuck around and didn’t suck – we chose to jump to the confines of a 100+ member guild with the entry barrier of needing a 1750 rating in Arenas.

Well, we picked the right night to do it because premades started shortly thereafter. The results? Ehh, disgusting. A collection of players like this should be illegal, and it would appear that the 6-member crew that was once Vexare – Vikt, Halomoo, Ciampo, Mandazar, Viktsnazz and Megachoo – has obtained what we have been searching for since we came to a PvP server. Rated battlegrounds are going to be awesome.

How about we start off the night with an Eye of the Storm? Honestly I can’t believe we let them even score.

The second match was about as close to perfection as could possibly be. The only death by the Horde in this match was a DK from Skullcrusher, as our guild was only supplying 13 of the 15 needed.

This match proved a little more intresting, as we sort of just trade bases up the middle of the map. The Lumber Mill stayed alliance due to an elemental shaman and a boomkin guarding it (hate that fucking typhoon spell), and the mine stayed Horde because Ciampo and 2 other members of the guild stayed there. It wasn’t until Drunkscooby decided to camp the stables that we really established a steady hold on resources as we traded the farm and blacksmith back and forth.

The warrior above me on the scoreboard, Jùicyj, was one of the reasons I was enamored with this guild to begin with. A few months ago I ran an ICC 10 with many members of this guild and the people outside were having difficulty zoning in. Jùicyj and I went out and killed 9 people in route to summoning stone without a healer, at one point fighting 4 people at a time. There’s just something to be said for being surrounded by people who know how to play their classes.

A much quicker AB, we cleaned up mistakes from the first one and won this one only allowing 50 points. Ciampo died twice, not sure how because we completely steamrolled our way into the Alliance graveyard.

If you use Xperl like I do, seriously…how the hell do you click off buffs? I thought I’d be all awesome and whatnot, morph into a dwarf during our fight to take the last node and ended up guarding it for the entire battleground because I couldn’t mount up to leave. As Mandazar says in the screenshot, apparently it does that right now, but ya.

Here’s the one you expect from me. If you’ve followed from the beginning, you know that I either get well over 20 killing blows and die once or I don’t die at all and get less than 20. The Wrecking Ball achievement will be the death of my online persona one day, I swear it. This is another example, as I once again laid waste to a battleground only to come up short again. The bitch of this one that a battleground just before this (which for some reason I cannot locate the screenshot) we camped a graveyard until 2 members got their 20-0, to which I was unable to do because I died running the flag back by myself while the rest of the guild was AE’ing the graveyard. I sincerely felt bad for the Alliance in the battleground, however remembered all the times it has happened to me as well – sweet vindication.

If you ever are stuck in this situation? Leave the battleground, they’ll get bored eventually when no one respawns.


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