Hallowed PvP

Sunday night Vexare got together for a little festive PvP, donning our looted helms and acquired mount drops that we would all certainly get throughout the 2-week event. Well, as Ciampo so eloquently stated:

14-day rimjob. 28 attempts, no mounts. What a piece of shit.

Referring naturally to having 2 characters. Well, I had 28 attempts as well. So did Halomoo, so did Snazz. The guy who gets one? 3500 gearscore disc priest Megachoo who hit 80 earlier in the month. Crock…of…

Anyway, we wanted to run through Azeroth and kill some people and Halloween seemed like a pretty alright time to do it. The Horseman’s Helm that Ciampo and I were wearing allows the Horseman to laugh through you with a 30-second cooldown, and I believe for a while we were alternating them to where one of them would laugh every 15 seconds. Nothing really says madness like maniacal laughter, does it?

We started in Undercity and rode our way Southshore without seeing a single Alliance character. I mean, ya, kind of figures, but one can dream amirite? While in Southshore we just started pulling the town when 3 level 80’s attacked us being a protection pally, boomkin and resto druid. In a testament to resilience, Halomoo essentially laughed while the entire town and their 2 damage dealing classes attacked him. The Alliance were dispatched easily (and maniacally?), and from there we went to Refuge Point and cleared every living character located within (I had such pent-up anger at these guards from vanilla).

From Refuge Point we went to Valiance Keep and pulled the entire fort for a while, and then took the boat to Stormwind and killed a few people and a lot of guards in route to the Stockades and our final destination of right in the middle of Stormwind. Let’s just say a Death Knight and Mage can light up a heavily populated area before their healers finally die.

World PvP is for the most part dead, however it was pretty fun to take to (undead) horseback and march across a once-heavily populated PvP area again. I can’t wait until Cataclysm to revisit many of these old zones, however being on the backs on the drakes and proto-dragons just won’t allow it to be the same as it once was when you were on your racial mount and were unable to fly away from combat. Ahh well, we’ll see.


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