More Frost Testimonies

Yusehz of US-Shadowburn is an Orc Death Knight swinging a Heroic Bryntroll with a Death’s Choice trinket. By comparison I am swinging a normal Bryntroll with a Greatness card. Yes, he does have better gear than me but that doesn’t take away from the fact that his screenshot here is completely what I was linking here.

Eatspie of US-Retaliation is an Undead Death Knight swinging an ilevel 277 Gladiator Polearm with a Whispering Fanged Skull. Yes, this screenshot is utterly disgusting and I believe was posted in order to make us all feel inferior, but same as the one before and my post before these, frost damage is exponentially high in relation to our normal performance right now.

Also of note, Yusehz earned a Gladiator title in Season #8 and Eatspie has a high arena rating of 2400+. These are exceptional players putting up these numbers.


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