4.0.1 Frost 2H PvP Results

My initial impressions of Frost PvP sucked – it was awkward, I had no idea what to cast and when I started to figure it out I was in battleground disconnect hell. Either way, that frustration ended when I started figuring out to use my new arsenal of icy attacks.

The nuts and bolts of what the following battleground scoreboards show is what I am doing right now on a way more than average basis. I have been an absolute machine, dropping characters in 1 on 1 situations I struggled with pre-4.0.1 and dropping healers sans Holy Paladins (ridiculous right now btw). The priorities for single target frost is Diseases > Obliterate > Blood Strike (for the blood runes) > Frost Strike > Rime > OB (normal) > BS > HoW. For multiple-target situations the ideal priority abilities are Howling Blast if both frost/death runes are up > Death & Decay (if both Unholy runes are up > FS > HB > BS > DnD/PS HoW.

What this ends up being (and what some of you are looking for), is that I Icy Touch a target for the 50% slow, PS on the run-up and if you have multiple targets I Pestilence, Howling Blast, but if not I Obliterate and Frost Strike before burning the blood runes with BS. That’s about as simple as I can make it.

Anyway, the results:

This was really my introduction to 4.0.1. Running with Halomoo we were beaten fairly easy by the Alliance, but not as a result of lack of effort. Check the healing on Caska, an absolutely ridiculously good resto druid. In combination of her and the rest of the Alliance, no one died. Like…no one. What I wanted to show though was the scale of damage done – you’ve seen my damage generally always near the top, but check the separations in comparison.

This battleground featured a lot of damage from many people which resulted in many more kills. Again, note the separation of what I am putting out and what the rest are doing. There were a lot of flag pulls by both sides, but it was 1-0 the entire match until a really late cap occurred that solidified the victory.

This one was just frustrating because the Alliance flag carrier stayed in the middle of the battleground and chased our flag carrier in a giant group. There was literally no one else anywhere on the map except around the flag carrier. Frustrating, but again – frost damage noted.

This battleground was essentially Vexare’s first team battleground, and it turned out be one of the best ones we have all played together since we hit level 80 last year. We were down 1-0 down to 4 minutes left in the match, and Megachoo and his 3500 gearscore somehow solo ran a flag to midfield along the east side where Viktsnazz picked him up and escorted him back to the flag room. Exhilarating, but what a way to start off our 7-man guild.

This is essentially my only result from the weekend, as I used most of AV weekend to gear up my warrior. Last night saw myself, Ciampo, Megachoo and Mandazar run 3 AV’s in an effort to get a victory on Vikt. In the first match we went to Stonehearth Bunker, then capped Icewing Bunker before the Alliance won. In the second match we did the same, just in the meantime setting up a killzone beside Icewing Bunker until Drek’Thar fell again. In the final one, fed up with our failed blitz strategy we went old-fashioned: we 4-manned Balinda and then back capped both Horde towers with complete tower annihilation. From there we guarded Stonehearth for the last 1:30 and then raced up to an epic fight ranging from Stormpike Graveyard back to the Aid Station. In this situation I may have used Howling Blast no short of 8,000 times, so for the people claiming frost pvp is spamming HB can rest knowing that it was in this particular instance.

Either way, you’ve seen my results over the life of this site, and the damage increase is extremely apparent being in 40-man battlegrounds or 10. Frost 2H PvP is unbelievable at the moment, so if you haven’t given it a try I’d suggest you do so.


5 Responses to “4.0.1 Frost 2H PvP Results”

  1. As a fellow frost DK, I’m interested to know how you gem/reforge your gear? I’ve been hearing that you should reforge every piece of gear to have Mastery points – regardless of spec. I’ve just switched to frost recently and have been doing more damage, but no where near yours. I still have about 4 pieces of wrathful gear that I’m trying to pick up. I just found your blog and look forward to seeing more posts – thanks!

  2. Sorry for the delay on the reply.

    Currently I am still gemmed a lot like I was pre-4.0.1, prioritizing strength above all. As my gear got progressively better I started incorporating more haste over critical strike, and my gear still reflects this.

    For 2h Frost DPS, the priorities are Hit to cap >= Expertise to cap > Haste > Mastery > Strength > Crit > Agility > Hit to spell cap. All the results you see here are from cardinal rubies in red slots, fierce ametrines in yellow and stormy majestics in blue.

    Changes I have made recently with the 1800 Gladiator weapon is to add 25 spell penetration instead of a 10str/15sta gem. This puts my spell pen over the 130 mark (max) and ensures that my frost spells land in full. With Haste > Mastery/Crit I have reforged every piece of gear that has critical strike into haste, and currently sit around 10% haste causing my runes to refresh very quickly in Unholy stance.

    Mastery is a very good stat for us because it increases our frost damage, however atm haste is better to have when swinging a 2H. If you were dual wielding it goes Hit to cap >== Expertise to cap > Strength > Mastery > Haste > Crit > blahblah because haste isn’t so much an issue. With the 2H you have MotfW and Unholy presence giving you insane haste, increasing auto attacks to make more MotFW and KM procs. More rune regens = more yellow damage, and there are plenty of globals to make use the frost abilities.

  3. Also, a big factor in a lot of these damage shots is my ability to stay alive. I think movement in battlegrounds/pvp is critical (I don’t really think, it – is -), so while the plate class with defensive abilities should be in the thick of things you also have abilities similar to the old Shadow Frost days where you can spam your spells from a distance when being in melee range is ridiculous.

    Some things I’ve done recently is change my Ring of Rotting Sinew back to the Gladiator’s Ring because resilience has a lot going for it right now. I am right close to 1400 resilience in my current setup and many times in group pvp without a healer I stay in blood presence for the extra damage mitigation. Living and casting less than ideal Howling Blasts > being dead and not casting any.

    Resilience is awesome right now, no idea if it will scale as well at 85 but it is definitely doing what I consider it should have been doing from the start. Don’t skimp on resilience, but just to throw another wrench in the whole gemming process you’ll want to make sure you’re rocking quite a bit of resilience.

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