50k Honorable Kills

50,000 honorable kills, the halfway point towards bearing the title of this site, was achieved last night during a 264 HK, 1 million+ damage done-Alterac Valley that appeared destined for a blitz run before some asshole captured Snowfall Graveyard and pinned the Alliance back at the  Stormpike graveyard (you’ll later notice my stats in this battleground and 1 GY captured).

In what began with the “Enlightenment” on June 6th, 2009, my pursuit of this title has seen me:

  • completely shun PvE
  • realize I needed to PvE to gear for PvP
  • get really good at PvE
  • & then to only completely shun it again in anticipation of Cataclysm.

This blog chronicling my experiences in World of Warcraft I feel is doing exactly what I wanted to do, being to keep a journal of my progression from a “lol nub DK” to the guy you see tearing it up now. The mark of obtaining this title has certainly never dominated my goals online – I mean, we’re all playing to have fun – but it serves as an obtainable, grind-worthy goal that I have set out to obtain whenever that may occur.

Glancing back to my first month of blogging is funny to see me waxing poetic about minute details, where now I report my experiences in ultra-summarized form in order to address various other topics to comprehensively keep my crew updated on anything we do. I guess I am just very happy to say that there isn’t really anything I would’ve done different to this point. I have stories galore of our times in Everquest and Shadowbane, yet nothing tangible – I’m just very glad I decided to do this.

I think for the first few months I was getting about 9 visitors a day, whereas 16 months later I am steadily sitting at about 260 per day despite really only being linked on Slice ‘n Dice (thanks Sam). 43,932 people have visited “of the Horde” for a variety of reasons, and of those people that chose to drop a comment, email a question or talk to me on Twitter I greatly appreciate you helping me formulate this hobby into such an enjoyable situation. Again, thanks.

Anyway, here’s to just as an enjoyable push to 100,000.

The way Alterac Valley should look every time.

The result, and of note the paladin above me was rocking Shadowmourne.

Within striking distance!


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