Incredible Warrior Tricks

In honor of finally leveling my warrior and my second level 80 character, I decided to post the original Swifty PvP video as a tribute/too lazy to post something else. For those not in the know, Swifty is a level 80 Night Elf Warrior from Darkspear/Cyclone that has been making videos since vanilla WoW and has inspired the play of countless numbers of warriors playing the game today. When I originally was playing Enzminger back in the vanilla days the first few Swifty videos had come out, and together with a few other warrior videos already linked on this blog it helped shape my character as I was grinding out my Centurion rank before quitting all together.

Well, Swifty made it to Rank #13 and has an incredible playing setup now, so perhaps had my PC not overheated so many years ago who knows?! Anyway, check the nostalgia in the video and then be sure to spend some time on his Youtube site linked above, you’re going to learn quite a bit about playing as a warrior in WoW.


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