The Time I Won Wintergrasp

I play in Wintergrasp a lot, and so much so that I achieved Veteran status in the zone 7 months ago. Well, being one of the best places to bank honor beyond your 75k cap I still queue for it whenever it is up. This past weekend while gearing up my warrior, I bought Wintergrasp commendations on Vikt to supply his PvP set that saw me turn in 1900 Stone Keeper Shards and 485 Marks of Honor. Ya, I participate in it a lot.

Well, never have I done what I accomplished today on my lunch break. As I noted on my Twitter account (@Viktdk), I ran home to re-list some auctions and a few Coren Direbrew instances. When I logged in I was faced with a 5-minute timer for an offensive Wintergrasp, so after queuing up and getting in I ran up to begin taking out the turrets as soon as possible.

Even 5 minutes into the raid, the Horde had just over 20 people in the total raid and the Alliance did not have Tenacity so it was apparently even-matched. I added my typical Death Knight-ranged damage assault (spamming Icy Touch & Death Coil…it isn’t much) and eventually just kind of stood in the distance wondering when someone was going to try and do something. I mean, I can’t do ranged damage on the casters and my rank was only Catapult-worthy, so I sat like a bump on a log for a while.

When I did finally achieve First Lieutenant (at 12 kills no less…seriously, dead instance this time around) I ran to the West Vehicle Park while the rest of the raid fought for the East, because on Bleeding Hollow it is somehow written in stone that the winning assault has to come from that particular base. Well, the shouting matches broke out, we lost bases, the “LOL WE LOSE” /shouts started coming but there was one person who had the presence of mind to take things upon himself to win.

(In case you missed it that’s me blowing smoke up my own ass)

(Oh and yoga ftw…)

Racing (well, as fast as a siege engine goes) north along the west side of the fortress I lined up away from the NPC guards and began pounding away with no gunner:

Where’s everyone at? I mean, you can hear a wall being hit, and when one gets damaged you get a message across your screen. Oh well, one down, let’s just skate around the Vehicle Depot and hit the inner wall:

Anyone home? I just took down the inner wall. SURELY someone is going to come up and notice me knock, knock-knocking on the relic door…

Nope! In fact, no one on the Horde side even knew I was in the courtyard. As I pounded on the door at a single-siege damage pace, eventually the other side of the door was caved in and the rest of the battleground made it just in time to see me knock the door down and capture the relic. I really had no idea there was actually a clicky to capture it, apparently I haven’t done that as many times as I thought.

So ya, I won Wintergrasp by my lonesome. Detailed pics of the assault path:


3 Responses to “The Time I Won Wintergrasp”

  1. I love you man.. really.. That brought a happy tear to my eye. *sniffle*


  2. Same situation happened last night though in that one we were in, we send 10 sieges to get chain destroyed by the Alliance on the right side and then lost 2 bases. So with 9/8 vehicles and not having a foothold in the base, I went to do it again but we somehow got through on that one.

    Probably cause Halomoo was there?

  3. Yep.. Shammy supreme tipped the scales to victory for us.

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