Warlock Ownage

It could be the bind on account pieces, but who wants to believe that? I genuinely think I may have missed my calling as a warlock after queueing up a battleground for the first time on Jastas, my (now) level 20 warlock who has spent the better part of a year alternating between my bank alt and my “hey, how awesome would it be to have a ranged PvP?” alt. I logged him in Friday night just to get the troll illusion from the Zalazane event, and for some reason decided he needed to get his mount so I whipped out 5 levels in order to do it.

Prior to this battleground I had never played a Warsong Gulch in the 10-19 level bracket, and after the results of this one I guess I can see why level 19 twinks were separated into their own brackets. I utilized my one macro (dunno the spell names, but on the screenshot it casts #1, 2 and then 3) on everyone in the battleground and they were dropping faster than a restoration shaman to a wizard cleave. I was close to high damage despite solely following and guarding the flag to and from the bases. Imagine if I actually farmed out the other 7 pieces of gear I could equip?

My 700+ hit points were more than a level 18 paladin on my team, and at one point I actually utilized my staff to critical melee someone for 112. At any rate, I feel as if I am a successful melee in PvP because I can feel the fights and position myself accordingly, and as a ranged player I think I can use that same knowledge to not get hit and still dish out massive damage.

Then again, I was level 19 in a battleground with bind on account gear, but a single death away from the (here we go again) wrecking ball achievement at level 19 has to show some promise, right? A level 80 caster would be a lot of fun, it’s just too bad I’ll likely never level one up.


4 Responses to “Warlock Ownage”

  1. such potential.. wasted on plate. 🙂

  2. I guess we’re getting ready to see your potential on cloth though right?!

  3. ‘in’ cloth*

  4. skinnemuva Says:

    Does this mean you are going to start rolling twinks? Roll a 29!

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