Bladestorm FTW

This post is simply done in celebration of finally setting the Arms spec on Enzminger. Until last night I had ran pure Protection from 60 to 75, doing everything from questing and dungeon crawls to PvP. Well, last night I went to the dummies by the stables in Orgrimmar and let loose of a few Bladestorms – dudes…I can’t wait.

I mean ya, it’s a long ways away and it’ll take a whole 5 minutes to transfer enough BoA honor from Vikt to outfit Enzminger once he reaches 80, but I can just imagine the cries of OP when someone who knows what they’re actually doing in a battleground uses this. For the longest time I have equated Warrior PvP to “Charge -> Bladestorm” much like I do Death Knight PvP when they Death Grip everything in the game as a sign of ultimate noobness, but now I’m excited at how well I may do with Enz in level 80 battlegrounds.


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