Nice AV w/ Halo

This fight, if the resources had been extended to say…1500 for each side, was an old school Alterac Valley played the way it was meant to be played (or at least used to be, depending on what side of the fence you sit on). Halomoo / Halorit came down from his blue cloud for a night to run a battleground with yours truly and it turned out to be one of the best AV’s I have taken part in for a while.

We initially left the tunnel, mounted up on the Death Mammoth and killed Balinda with a few other people to start things off. Where I have been deviating for a little while was from there I have been going and capping the Snowfall Graveyard partly for needing the Graveyard achievement for Battlemaster and partly because I hate running a battleground that results in 10-15 honorable kills. And yes, I have spoken out about this in the past.

Anyway, a substantial portion of Horde remained at Galvager to defend him and were successful. Upon Halorit and I chasing off a paladin waiting out an SF cap, we went back to Galvager to help clear the stragglers and dropped a significant number of Alliance still trying to kill him. From there we road back to Drek’thar and cleared the Alliance that skipped past the Galvager ass-beating, and here is where it gets awesome.

Riding back we were treated to group PvP skirmishes at Iceblood Garrison, the Field of Strife, Stonehearth Bunker, Stonehearth Graveyard, Stormpike Graveyard, the Stormpike Aid Station and then finally dropped Vanndar Stormpike after slaughtering the map in one massive movement from Frostwolf Keep to Dun Balder. A picture for visualization purposes:

Perhaps the old system of fighting over choke points for hours on end wasn’t the exact system Blizzard had in mind for Alterac Valley, however this game last night was about as good as an experience as I believe you can have in this battleground.


3 Responses to “Nice AV w/ Halo”

  1. Oh, and /bitch about the 1 death I had that again prevented a Wrecking Ball achievement.

  2. CTA weekend AV nets about 1/2 a level exp for the elf priest per win in the noob bracket.

  3. I need to start getting Enzminger in those then!

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