Zalazane’s Fall

If you were like everyone else with a subscription to WoW you were informed that Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane’s Fall went live as one of the first steps leading up to the Cataclysm, and if you haven’t finished the short series of quests I would encourage you to do so.

Before you head into the final quest in the chain you will earn a permanent troll illusion item that transforms you into a Darkspear Troll for 30 minutes (and you can mount as well!), and the final quest itself takes place as shown in Part #3 of the video above where you and others on the same quest will accompany Vol’jin to re-take Echo Isles similar to Wrathgate and The Battle for Undercity. Oh, and best part for the achievement hunter in you – you earn a Feat of Strength for doing it. The event will obviously give way to the expansion or whenever they unveil the setup of the new horde, so quest all of your characters through it as soon as possible.

Some pics I snapped along the way:

One quest is to recruit 5 Trolls to help

The intro to Troll Druids

The Darkspear Troll illusion

The funny thing about this was that I donned a Gordok Ogre Suit for the battle and immediately after transforming into it everyone ran to me as if they were supposed to kill me. Lemme tell ya, I am one sexy ogre…

Finally, Zalazane’s Fall


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