A Look at Enzminger

For those (not) following, Enz is up to 72 and now that I am back from a 10-day vacation my immediate goals are to:

  1. Get Enz to 80 with a full set of PvP gear
  2. Get 3k more HK’s on Vikt for 50k
  3. Finish the Icecrown questline (w/ Vikt)

I am really digging leveling Enzminger, but unfortunately am completely ignoring PvP on him. I have purchased the dual spec, epic flying and have half a tanking set reserved for when he hits 80 – however I haven’t done anything but remain in defensive stance throughout questing and dungeons. I have a good idea of what I am doing and I know I’ll be fine (I stance-danced before it was trendy), but I haven’t messed much with a warrior UI or macros.

All these thoughts of getting the warrior to max level has me thinking about what I am going to concentrate on come Cataclysm, and my immediate goal is going to play Vikt to 85 and work on learning the new battlegrounds. In addition, I am going to run Vikt’s PvE spec as a tank instead of a DPS, because when you concentrate as little on PvE as I do it can be difficult to develop relationships that will keep me getting into raids with the little effort I choose to put into it. Being a tank should meet me halfway on the not-caring and being asked to tank.

As well as running Vikt as a tank, I am going to level a Goblin rogue. I have no idea how this will turn out, but obviously until level 15 when I complete the whole opening questline. Whether I play past that I have no idea, but I have always wanted a rogue camped out in Alliance towns for random ganking – who knows. It does break my “choose nothing other than an orc” race thing, but I have a soft spot for goblins for some reason.


2 Responses to “A Look at Enzminger”

  1. Thats quite the handsome old orc there.

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