Honored w/ The Defilers

Glancing at my reputations over the weekend I noticed that I was fairly close to Honored with the Horde Arathi Basin faction The Defilers. Upon this realization it occurred to me that I had never bothered to visit The Defiler camp, so I went / picked up the quest / finished it – yada, yada…honored.

Great story right? I’m going somewhere here. Currently my faction sits at 550/12,000 honored, which combined with the 21,000 revered requirement means that I need 32,450 more faction before I become Exalted and get a sweet tabard. To break that down, there is a possibility to gain 10 faction points per 160 resources while in the battleground. The most faction you can gain per battleground is 100 (1600 total points / 160 = 10; 10 x 10 = 100), and if I were to gain the required faction it would mean that I still need to win 325 more matches in Arathi Basin.

Hole + Lee = Shit.

And again, that’s if I win all 325 matches. Being that I have done absolutely no research into how long this would take nor have I analyzed the average amount of resources gained, I am forced to assume I gain around 1200 resources per battleground. This results in roughly 75 faction points per match, meaning I need to play 433 more rounds.

(see above reference equation that makes a dirty word)

The realization that I really have yet to accomplish shit on one of my initial goals of being a Conqueror and Battlemaster by the time Cataclysm hits has sunk in a bit, along with the fact that perhaps my Death Knight may not be the extent of my WoW fixation. I have dug up my warrior that I played in beta, with The Twelve Prophets and then discarded a week before we killed Ragnaros in Molten Core. By what you have gotten to know about me so far, it shouldn’t be hard to imagine the time I spent PvPing with him back then – so much so that I also looked into his faction as well. More random numbers:

Enzminger, current level 72 warrior:
Faction Level: 3,260 / 21,000 (revered)
Needed Wins: 178 (178 x 100 = 17,800 faction)
Expected Games: 237 (237 x 75 = 17,775 faction)

Now the decision to resurrect Enzminger is not entirely based upon his faction levels in comparison to Vikt, but it is comforting to think that someday both characters will be wearing aforementioned sweet tabard. My decision to play Enz mainly stems for the fact that I believe if I am stuck with a bad class for PvP during a particular season then I have the option to concentrate on one character more than the other.

Let’s face it, Death Knights suck for Arenas this season. Yes, I could grind to 1800. Yes, I could use people based upon when I want to play, I could pay for someone else to do it for me or whatever else – fact is, it’s not what I entirely enjoy and the sheer fact that I would have to bend over backwards to succeed just makes me that much more likely to not give a shit. Whereas, if I was playing a warrior this season (or hell, the last one as well) – I would have already hit a 2k rating without really trying. It’s not about the effort, it’s just that I am not that interested in sacrificing my enjoyment in what I do well to struggle doing something else.

Pussy? Ya, probably, but I want to at least have 2 classes at max level in the event one gets a raw deal with all the new talents and abilities.


2 Responses to “Honored w/ The Defilers”

  1. alt-fiend grimmy Says:

    I have no h8 for my ork brotha.

  2. I also decided to level up a goblin rogue as well when they become available, but obviously not until Vikt is 85 and I safely own the battlegrounds again.

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