L80 Wrathful Hunter

Normally I post videos of PvP as I come across them in some fashion, but being that I have been unable to play as of late I admittedly forced the issue to find one. In reviewing the classes of what I have posted, I realized that I hadn’t posted a video of a badass hunter.

I hate hunters. I mean, my view of a hunter is absolutely some Night Elf jumping and flipping all over and trying to kite me, and this hatred stems all the way back to my days vanilla as a warrior. As a DK I don’t seem to have problems with them, but when fighting in groups they can wipe me out really quick. Fact is, a really good hunter is about your best friend on the battlefield other than your pocket healer.

Oh, and even harder than living through a hunter burning his cooldowns on you is finding a good hunter video on Youtube. My god there are horrible hunters out there. As a tip to prospective video … uhh, uploader-guys, if you keyboard turn, click buttons or backpeddle when kiting – just don’t subject yourself to the abuse.

This video is of Mohgrummar from Crushridge/Cyclone, who honestly I would assume is shooting most of this in PvE gear like the limitless number of people who want to pimp their gearscore in battlegrounds. Either way, his play is very good and the damage is reminiscent of the point I wanted to make in posting the video.


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