Terribad Night in BG’s

If you follow my Twitter posts (all 22 of you) you read my bitching this morning about going 1-7. Well, I’m getting ready to log in tonight – and the more I think about WoW I’m waffling to get on because of how bad it was. Oh, and I was mistaken on the whole 1-7 thing, it was 2-6 but the first victory here gave arena points for yesterday.

This was the only battleground I ran the night before last, and honestly – if you can’t win a Warsong Gulch on US-Ruin then you’re trying to play on a bad night. You can tell by the damage done that I was in a pretty good pug, and there was an Alliance rogue named Gnardawg. How sweet is that?

(Holla if you just did an Andy impression)

In this AV I decided against the whole blitz thing that everyone tries to do, and honestly unless you spot a badass tank and a guilded healer the chances of a successful blitz are slim to none. In my experience, the ideal blitz comes when someone does the instructions at the beginning and state they are in a premade. They assign groups to certain things, they have a tank and they have healers – unless these things occur, kill Balinda and hold onto towers…don’t run to Vann to sit while the Alliance win.

Back on subject, in this one there was no such tank, there was no such healer, so I killed Balinda and then went re-capping to give the douchebags a shot if they got their act together. They didn’t.

In this AV, glancing at my 4th group member you’ll notice a warrior by the name of Cudmaster, sitting pretty in full ICC 25 heroic gear. We rushed to Vann, he said heal me and charged after confirmation from everyone else – but turns out he and I were the only ones that did.

In this one it was obvious that Cudmaster was a bit pissed, and pleaded for heals in the tunnel. Again, we got there and you can see where the rest of the raid is (and if you don’t care to look it’s in the middle of the goddamned map).

After trying two straight AV’s as the Call to Arms I decided to go random, and what better BG to redeem myself than in the only battleground the Horde wins frequently (you know, after AB, EotS, IoC and WG).

(If you’re following at home that means we suck at SotA as well, just slightly less than AV).

In this one the Alliance employed a great strategy, where the top 2 from Stormrage jumped in the demolisher and roasted anyone that came close to it. The paladin followed close behind, but the Alliance honest to god captured the relic in about 1:30. On offense we had one person break the wall in the whole seemingly 30 seconds we had to win, but ya – you see the results there.

Ahh, off to Arathi Basin – the first battleground all night that we have a better than average chance of winning. I mean of course, unless your resident DK ends up 3RD IN HEALING.

Amazing. No one on the team had any motive to go anywhere, and after running to defend the Farm from the Alliance I stood with 2500 health remaining while 2 priests and a shaman stood there with me. I finally sat down to eat, then got up and bandaged myself in amazement that none of them tossed a heal. Even if you don’t have a healing spec, you can throw a damn 4k heal on me to at least pretend like you give a damn.

SO – what I did for revenge: I stood up in front of everyone until the Alliance came down from the Lumber Mill to attack. I let them run up and when they got close I mounted and took off. The faux-healers got hammered, we lost the farm, and I stood on the bridge in route to the Gold Mine laughing irl. Dick? Yes, but seriously (we were also already down like 800-300).

Bear with me, almost there. By this time Mandazar logged in and I thought at least I have another guy who has a relative clue of how to win. Well, he and I slaughtered the east side, but in less than 2 minutes the Gate of the Yellow Sun was under attack…really? Really. We lost.

Success! Finally! We blitzed, charged in with no towers down and got one. For those that support the blitz, allow this screenshot to show that it is possible…and of course let the other screenshot(s) show that it rarely works.

Hopefully tonight doesn’t suck as bad.


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