Invisibility in WoW

It dawned on me looking through some old screenshots of when I did the quest in Borean Tundra to see the world as a member of the Scourge, but how sweet would something like this be if it was … well – anything other than a quest to see the world as a member of the Scourge? I mean, if you’re not a cheapass like me who plays on a near-budget PC you must play with the Death effect on where the world is gray, so at least a semi-common theme exists here.

Now while the first two have to do with death, the above picture is the way you view the world after eating/using the Ghostfish you fish up in the Sholozar Basin daily…same thing. This is where I was thinking, “how pimp would it be if all classes had a way to turn invisible in some capacity?” The balance of doing this would be fragile, but with a world of PvP on the horizon when all the top levels head back to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms – a way to stealth for the non-traditional classes could be fun as hell.

In Everquest invisibility was way too common, and it was really only effective for stealthing pass a few mobs and for the lower leveled people who had no way of seeing invisible. My shadowknight had an insta-cast invisibility and a choice of items that had an effect of see invisible, and the only thing that did was put my name in parenthesis. But what if you had say, 30 seconds of invisibility, once a day…something along those lines – what would you do?


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