Backlog of BG’s

This was really the only battleground I have ran with my brother in a long time. After zoning into the random battleground, screaming “SHIT!” as loud as I could after seeing it was Strand of the Ancients – it really turned out pretty ok (as evident in my comment in guild chat). You could even say Eleet outplayed me – nice to have some competition now and then.

When I talked Eleet into playing I wanted one of those unkillable paladin pricks to run around with, and when he plays he is just that. It would be scary to see us running around more than once every two weeks.

Another Strand that we actually won, where Mandazar and I carved up a pretty bad set of Alliance. I really can’t remember much else other than that about this one.

But this one on the other hand I do. See, one of the defining ways of discovering a noob Death Knight is their use of Death Grip. New 80’s for some reason have a fascination with death-gripping everything in sight, but sometimes you have some interesting experiences with ones that probably shouldn’t suck. I have never been death gripped more in a battleground by one DK than I was by Pulverized the Kingslayer, who had some unhealthy fascination with fighting me instead of…you know, even getting off the beach. Even travelling around with a pocket holy paladin – well, you can see the results for yourself.

This is just one of those absurdly fruity family pictures, but this warlock named Infectiion and I pretty much won an Eye of the Storm on our own. See, I am a pretty habitual Draenai Ruins crasher off the start, and then I work my way around nodes that seem to be unguarded or have little opposition – meaning if there’s less than 3, I and whoever (if anyone is with me) are going to take the node or tie up half the BG in trying to defend it from us. Anyway, we had 2 nodes and were getting raped at the flag, and with a huge lead the Alliance then took the Felreaver node…

I was running towards the middle and decided to assist the solo warlock there, and this was the end result. The rest of the Horde was short-sighted on the east side of the map, while this warlock and I defended FR by ourselves for the rest of the battleground. He wasn’t geared very well, but I just went into peel and root mode and AE’d everyone down while they attacked him. He pretty much used every ability available to warlocks to live through most of this, but whatever he did he did it very well.

I mean, I know it’s old, but seriously – “that’s what she said” jokes still make me laugh. The art of the joke always lies in the presentation, and when it hits you when you don’t expect it … I dunno, just funny.

Well, speaking of “that’s what she said jokes” ….

This was just Mandazar and I the other night. We were smoking them like 800-300, then 1150-600ish – and ya, then we got our asses kicked. Just goes to show, even when you gift wrap a battleground in a pug that you think it would be impossible to lose – you just never know.


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