Nefarian Down

On my warrior I didn’t make it quite to Patch 1.6, so as I sat around with all needed raids on lock until Tuesday I jumped into a Nefarian run for the first time. Even with twenty plus people and the top DPS pumping out 7k, we still had several deaths (albeit I think there was 1 healer). The best was when a paladin was charmed by Nefarian (he charms the top threats) and the rest of the DPS stopped and killed him.

(I know, gotta love pugs)

Anyway it was an awesome encounter other than the whole 80% movement debuff in working your way through the lair, and for a little bit of flavor here’s a video of Nefarian going down legitimately by a raiding guild at the time he was relevant. It is shot from a hunter’s point of view, and yes I realize the hunter is a clicker and backpeddler. If you’re reading this site you’re likely a PvP guy, and if you do these kinds of things – yernotdoinrite.


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