Cleaning Out a Folder

These are a few screenshots I had set aside for a post and just haven’t done anything with them yet. The screenshot above was an Occulus random I was in that went very well, however when it came time to grab our satchels the fury warrior went asshole and locked the chest up from the rest of us.

Where I went wrong in the entire thing was destroying my drake button after killing Eregos, as I typically bind it right to N+ (in my controls) for quick access during the dungeon. What we eventually did (or at least what the other 3 guys did) was train the small whelps to the platform in a suicide attempt. Everyone landed on the other side of the warrior as the whelp attacked, and it at least made the warrior run away from the platform and parachute somewhere down below us. But if Juggérnäut from Zul’jin ever reads this, kindly eat a dick for wasting 10 minutes of my life.

In this ICC10 raid we lost our off-tank as we set up to run the heroic gunship, and in the middle of waiting for him to come back and then finding a new OT people got a little crazy with the rocket packs. While I can’t remember for the life of me the name of this shaman that made his way up to the top section of the ship, I deemed it impressive enough to screenshot and make him famous with the 8 readers of this site.

In that same ICC10 the absolute worst possible scenario occurred with my handy screenshot addon. I served as a gunner on the lootship, and after being removed from the guns I was rocketing to the other side and killing the caster in the middle. On this particular attempt we apparently killed just enough spawns on the ship to make me Honored with the Ashen Verdict, and my PC during the frantic action started bogging down hard on the screenshot and I managed to walk right off of the edge.

I finally picked up the World Explorer achievement while working on the Midsummer Festival. What I would do while in the zones was just use the tracking feature through Questhelper (versus using the default track), which would bring a little shield up on my map and it just became a situation where I would just run from shield to shield while visiting zones for the flames. The funny thing for me was that right as I quit playing WoW back in 2005 my warrior was questing through Everlook, and the part I discovered here is one that I honestly had no idea existed in the game. Learn something new every day.


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