3.3.5 Unholy DPS Spec

As usual, all logistics and information regarding Death Knight specs can be found on the Elitist Jerks website. It has been a while since I posted any specs because I haven’t changed them since 3.3.2, but after acquiring my 4-piece Icecrown bonus and a weapon proc it was time to switch in an attempt to maximize my DPS. I have to admit I am a little excited about it, because I have not had the Icy Talons talent in any build that I have ever used…the whole “glowing fists” thing just looks like I’m constantly blood-raging. At any rate, the new spec:

0 / 17 / 54

Major – Glyph of Dark Death, Glyph of the Ghoul, Glyph of Icy Touch
Minor – Glyph of Howling Winter, Glyph of Pestilence, Glyph of Raise Dead

This spec is the most optimal single-target build that Death Knights use, yet somehow AoE’s better than the 14/0/57 and 17/0/54’s as well. Auto-attacks make up the majority of a DK’s damage in this spec, and as a result I have went back and also changed a few of my item enchants and gemming. Previously I used yellow gem slots for +10 str/crit when I did not need a +10 str/hit, but with all the +hit I get from normal ICC gear I now just enchant my gloves with a +20 hit to get my PvE cap. I have switched over to using a +10 str/haste gem, as well as started using a +23 haste cloak enchant instead of agility. Anyway, the rotations and glyphs:

Single Target Rotation
PS – IT – BS – SS – BS – DC – HoW
SS – BS – SS – BS – DC – DC – (DC)

The final Death Coil is placed in parenthesis because you will not always have the rune power to perform it.

Multiple Target Rotation
Initial: IT – PS – Pestilence – DnD – DC – HoW
SS – BS – BB – SS – DC – DC
SS – Pestilence – DnD – DC – HoW

In this rotation you perform the initial rotation, then alternate between the 2nd and 3rd until either diseases fall off or the mobs die.


13 Responses to “3.3.5 Unholy DPS Spec”

  1. Does it matter what presence u r in?

  2. Always DPS in Blood presence. In the previous patch one could make a case for Unholy presence being competitive when you reached certain points in gear due to the global cooldown being restrained, but that is no longer the case. From the EJ website, it states that the 15% damage bonus is an increase of 12.75% DPS, where as the haste from Unholy presence is an increase of maybe 7.5% DPS.

    Also due to the mechanics of Scourge Strike, it double-dips the 15% damage buff of Blood presence.

    Another thing that I failed to mention is to also use the Rune of the Fallen Crusader runeforge on your weapon, as nothing else even comes close.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I will spec my DK following this advice asap!

  4. This brings me to an idea:…

  5. BS could u explain better because we have Bone shield and Blood strike which one is which xD

    • BS = Blood Strike, my bad. Bone Shield should be kept up every time it is available. What I try to do is to cast it immediately upon zone in and I keep it up while preparing for a mob, that way I can get it just right in order to re-cast it in the event I lose it during the fight. If you cast it immediately prior to the mob you have a cooldown to deal with before gaining the ability to recast it.

  6. should i be using a 1h weapon or a 2h?

    • This spec requires a 2h, if you are interested in dual-wielding you’ll likely want to check out a frost-based dps spec that includes Threat of Thassarion

  7. […] build is the closest thing to what I am running now, and makes use of the new abilities like Contagion, Dark Transformation, Runic Corruption, Shadow […]

  8. ampalus Says:

    every body can give me rotation for unholy dk.?

  9. Shadowmere Says:

    Sorry about my ignorance, but HoW means Horn of Winter, right? If yes, why can’t we do it at the beginning of the battle?

  10. perkyGuy Says:

    you use horn of winter before battle and in-battle cuz it generates runic points for death coil

  11. i hate broken link, you can use this armory, still work…
    it has no save, so each time you give a point it give it a new link, and the link change, once you finished, just copy the url

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