Remember when I was severely incorrect in thinking I’d dust that hunter’s ass in Grizzly Hills? Well, I ran into Keeneye again…only I had a good amount of friends this time to help me.

Keeneye’s 2100 rated 5’s team was camping the bank in Orgrimmar when I zoned in following a battleground, and when I saw that the city was under attack I switched to my PvP spec and rushed to Thrall…only to find no one there. Someone eventually said in chat that the bank was getting rolled, and apparently from the amount of player remnants existed outside the bank and the front gate it’s assuming that the 5’s team had their way with Orgrimmar for quite a while. Hey, any act of PvP is better than no act, so hopefully this display of senseless slaying gets more Horde off their dungeon/raid-only queues to start taking it to the Alliance cities more often.

Oh, and I totally dumped everything I had in killing the hunter, just fortunately I wasn’t the target of the arrows this time.


2 Responses to “Revenge…kinda”

  1. Viktsnazz Says:

    Whats your guilds website address? thanks

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