187k Honorable Kills

I was doing some inspecting after seeing some high gearscores before Warsong Gulch started, and saw that Keeb of the Horde had 187k honorable kills. If you’re an enhancement shaman or are working on one, I’d check out his profile and talents and work off of that.

Dude was good. For a complete pug we destroyed them really quickly while he and some others were camping the graveyard, which is always pretty cool considering the Elune pre-made we were facing (which SUKS).


3 Responses to “187k Honorable Kills”

  1. enaelis Says:

    Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog, but I thought I should mention that you linked to a shaman.

  2. I was thinking shaman but was checking out the unguilded rogue on my server. Thanks for pointing that out for me!

  3. yoyomies Says:

    There are ppl with 1milj+ honorable kills 187k is like nothing lol…

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