A Tribute to Personality

Halo commented on my last post about the name of the druid with us. He’s one of our crew, uses dumbass names like “Youlockdat” (warlock), “Gimydatvoodo” (troll mage) and “Gimmedahealz” (his tank druid). Well, that tank druid (who was also a female) had enough of my shit and changed his name (and sex!).

Now that’s having an impact!


2 Responses to “A Tribute to Personality”

  1. Viktsnazz Says:

    HAHAHAHA !!!!!! You couldn’t keep your hands off my utters so I had to switch to a bull to keep up with all the shit you talk. Beside that, I heard you were having dreams about the female druid in tree form ’cause you liked her “wood” – when the expansion comes out – this crew is gonna cause issues for lots of people out there!

  2. […] any Bloodmage gear drop, and the time we don’t run VoA25 together (was still with Halo and Asshole) the 264 version […]

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