Few Battlegrounds this Week

No real story here, just that I have only played 2 battlegrounds this week outside of Wintergrasp because of limited play time (and kind of working on my warrior again). Funny how I finally get the axe that I wanted since ICC released and now I can’t bring myself to play more.

I mean, not that I lack desire, but you’d think the weapon would be like crack and I’d forget about everything but playing WoW.

Anyway, I’m almost full circle from the beginnings of the blog. I was a flag guard for a while after turning 80, then I completed my first Gladiator set (Deadly), then an above average BG player, then a really good one, and now with the addition of a single weapon you can judge the 2 results here for yourself.

In the first match I ran alone just to get the daily in, without any of my crew or a healer. In the second match I had Halomoo & Gimmedahealz and was an absolute wrecking ball.


4 Responses to “Few Battlegrounds this Week”

  1. Halomoo Says:

    I don’t see a character named Gimmedahealz in that BG?

    “In the second match I had Halomoo & Gimmedahealz”

    I do see a Viktsnazz though!

  2. Ha – I couldn’t remember what the name was exactly so I didn’t link either one of your armory profiles.

  3. …and you know, we really need a 5-person mount or something. When that comes out in Cataclysm or something I nominate you to buy it.

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