Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter

Despite wishing I was killing people I have ran ICC 25 the last 2 weeks in hopes of upgrading a few particular areas, namely my weapon, trinket and ring, but last night the biggest part of the equation was solved when I won the roll on this axe with a 47.

You can imagine the /tells afterwards from the other melee, considering the others rolled a 2, 13 and 45. One DK was mad that I was going to use it for PvP (is there any better reason?), and a pally just insisted the whole night that I should just give it to him. I understand frustration – I mean, I’ve had items I’ve wanted before – but it was enough for me to put one person on ignore. Losers.

Anyway, I only ran 2 battlegrounds…oh wait, lemme show you this one:

…and ya this was the first one. Real promising, huh? The Horde was out in full sucktacular form, and the second battleground was another lopsided Eye of the Storm loss and I was disconnected. I’ll get some action in tonight and if even this awful battleground is any indication, the damage is going to spike even moreso than before.


One Response to “Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter”

  1. Halomoo Says:

    Holy fuck n aye bat man. Love it.

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