PvP-centric Guilds

With Cataclysm in the foreseeable future, rumors regarding its impact in many aspects are slowly leaking out. Amongst the biggest news to date is the ability for guilds to progress uniquely through talents, giving particular types of guilds the ability to cater to its members in the manner that they play. With developers mentioning that PvP talents will exist alongside PvE talents, what Blizzard has essentially done is wiped the canvas clean and are allowing themselves to revisit the game in the manner in which they intended from the start – with the ability to progress in PvE OR PvP.

This article really got me going in thinking about this. What will some of these talents be? More honor per kill? Loot more gold off player corpses? Different drop tables inside battlegrounds? No one knows for sure, but the introduction of rated battlegrounds just screams for the organization of guilds much in the manner of advanced PvE guilds. Put together with the accessibility for players to gear completely from PvP activity (READ: you can now get weapons without doing arenas), Cataclysm is shaping up to be a PvP-enthusiast’s dream.

That said, above is the pic of the first night of Vexare (website a work in progress, obviously), the guild I started alongside the rest of the guys I PvP with. With a finite amount of time remaining in Northrend (but still substantial), the gradual recruiting process can happen naturally versus grabbing anyone, and my vision of a small to medium-sized guild dedicated to killing other players versus weekly raiding content is now in its infancy.

I can’t wait for Cataclysm, can you?


One Response to “PvP-centric Guilds”

  1. Grimmjakk Says:

    for the horde.. bitches.

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