Decent Saturday

The day started out with a message from WinterTime telling me that a defensive Wintergrasp was 15 minutes away, and while I may skip this occasionally I decided to just queue it up and start running dailies. Well, I really don’t need to say anything else as the picture says it quite fine on its own.

In fact, if you were ever curious about the Horde/Alliance distribution on the Bleeding Hollow (PVP) server, well…this next screenshot won’t exactly change that fact. However, it will give you an indication on who controls it. And since I started down that path, I will tell you that I rarely have tenacity in Wintergrasp, and if I do it’s at a really odd time and always on defense. Our assaults nearly always consist of 3 full raids.

That book is in the Titan Relic room btw.

Now it can’t be a great Saturday because I have to say I got my ass handed to me. Now see, the way it boiled down was that I was questing in Grizzly Hills because when I get a little extra time I like to bang out quests in between queues, and when I was doing this one on the east coast where you have to kill 4 dwarves for an Overlord to appear – well, a warrior named Celebv charged in as I was landing. I mean, imagine me, Vikt, a.k.a. “Slayer of Humanity”, a.k.a. “Sultan of Slaughter” – you know, retired more people than social security – has a level 76 warrior jump in and take my mobs?

Child please.

I 3-shotted that girl and killed the rest, and when she rezzed right on top of her body my pet jumped her and she died again. Well, to make a long story even longer, I was doing a quest out in the water where I net Northern Salmon, and 2 flying mounts land and a hunter just starts shooting me. On top of that, the gnat of a warrior was hitting me as I attempted to catch the hunter in water and I died fairly quickly. Now, pissed, I went out looking for the hunter wanting to kick its ass. Well…I was wrong.

I found them eventually and landed, and even though it was 2 on 1 I thought I’d win. Ya…I didn’t. After collecting my dignity once more I went to the Armory to see what I was going up against, and let’s just say that I wasn’t going to kill this particular hunter named Keeneye if s(him) was AFK.

Oh but to end the night I did zone back into Orgrimmar as the Local Defense channel was going apeshit, and when I made my way back to Thrall’s room the Alliance was already fully involved in fighting him. You know the drill, kill the healers, AE diseases around the room and throw DnD’s where the most people sit, and in this defense I think we ended with more Horde than there were Alliance attempting it.

For comedic relief check out Nineightfive trash-talking. Here you have a level 80 death knight just picking up his “100 Honorable Kills” achievement – talking smack to the overpowered Alliance. I know it made me laugh looking back through the screens.


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