Rough Night

It’s not often that I post at 1am, but by god when you can’t get decent random battleground group to save your ass there is little point to stay online sometimes. The above screenshot is pretty indicative as to how they are running, getting 5-capped in Arathi Basin with a Horde representation that included 3 players with blue gearscores.

Note the statistics to the above. We had 3 people do over 100k damage, and the high healer for the battleground was none other than a warlock who managed to heal himself for 53k. The makeup was 3 death knights, 3 warlocks, 3 mages, 3 rogues and 2 retribution paladins – the rest filtered in as people left. To put it in better terms, Mandazar laid it out well from a cloth-wearers perspective:


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