Patron Vikt

Since my monitor died after the first day of Noblegarden (effectively ending a year-long progression towards obtaining the 310% mount), I decided to punt and finish out the holidays anyway. Fortunately for me I generally keep a lot of gold, so when the newest flying skill comes along in Cataclysm I guess I can just buy it…/grumble.

However in traditional fashion, my numbers from Elder Vikt are significantly better, but I apparently forgot to have Horn of Winter active during that screen I guess my newest one cannot be compared all that well. My gearscore has risen by 200 despite using a 226 sigil (just better for PvP atm over the 245), I haven’t gotten a single PvE upgrade and about every important stat has been raised significantly. I was bastard then, I’m a real bitch to fight against now.

And ya, another title I won’t wear but I dig the whole progression thing and looking back.


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